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“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness,” (Sakyong Mipham). Another way of saying this for me probably could be summarized as the conclusion that I must stretch and run and release endorphins to keep the crazy woman in the closet, and yet also find intentional quiet and stillness to bring out the woman who hopes, dreams, writes, mothers, loves, and creates. hans-vivek-666733-unsplash.jpg

I probably became first interested in natural health during our early years of infertility (read all about that journey at when I began to dig deep into my body’s responses to life, food, rest, and routine. Nutrition, nurture, and nature (pretty much anything plant-based) became soap-box topics.

Very little has changed. Except for that I’ve added grace, balance, mindfulness & coffee to that list. I left my corporate job in women’s health in 2017 to lead a wellness team, as well as pursue several other entrepreneurial ventures in the same field. If plants are in the picture, I’m there. Eat plants. Decorate with plants. Distill plants into little bottles and call them essential oils. Heal with plants. Clean with plants. Package them as lotions and salves and throw out the chemicals. While I rarely write about essential oils and wellness topics (it’s a new goal!), I’ve seen homes, health, and habits changed by practicing mindfulness in what we eat, apply to our skin, diffuse in our homes, and take as medicine. brittany-neale-597651-unsplash

My rebellious side emerges when someone tells me to eat just a certain way (folks, chocolate, is GOOD for you), exercise a certain way (sorry, some days I will run, some days I will sleep in, some days I will practice yoga, and some days I would like to get all grunty with heavy weights, but don’t tell me there is only one way or one method). I believe health and wellness is an investment, a daily practice, and should be individualized as you learn what makes you tick, what makes you feel happy and strong, and what gives you energy for everything else you do in life.

Learn with me, will you? I lead a team, and we do a lot of laughing, practicing, and giving of grace. Jump on over to my JOIN ME page to begin nurturing yourself and your family.

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