Focus {And how to precariously balance}

This morning was a battle of the wills. Abby's versus my own. And, she doesn't just resemble me in feature. Apparently, she also inherited my "determination," shall we say, to interject one's own opinions and preferences into situations. This morning, the fight revolved around breastfeeding...or the lack thereof. You see, I'm ready to begin weaning... Continue Reading →

When it’s a challenge

I'm brushing my teeth and stewing in discontent and frustration. Blemishes from too much chocolate and too much stress pockmark my reflection. Harsher blemishes from sarcasm and the three-ring circus we call "middle school" pockmark my soul. In the midst of my grumbling scrubbing, a still, small whisper breaks through my revere. "What about giving thanks? What... Continue Reading →


Father God, In You, we are all complete and find our victory, hope, and salvation in Your Love (Colossians 2). As a daughter of the King, I am not lacking in anything. Oh, may I abide in that rest and peace today! Last night, I finally broke down, realizing that I can't carry my burden... Continue Reading →

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