Standing accused

The roads are hot and dusty, Galilean sand swirling in through the city gates with the many weary travelers arriving in Jerusalem to observe the Passover. A mob has collected around Pilate's judgement seat - the rabble of the town attracted to watch the farce of a trial. Jesus of Nazareth stands accused today. "Do you hear that long list of... Continue Reading →

He trusts me. It’s called unfathomable love.

Good Morning, Sweet Sojourners . . . The sun reflects sharply off freshly fallen feet of snow around my porch windows. Diamonds sparkle in the fast-melting beauty. Here for a moment. Then gone. Raisin toast, broiled grapefruit, cereal, sliced banana, almonds, cottage cheese and blessedly hot coffee has disappeared from my kitchen table. Have I... Continue Reading →

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