Practicality meets sustainability {let’s chat bamboo, biodegradable diapers}

Those first 10 months of my experience of know when Abby was still inside my growing belly and contained...were rather idyllic. Cons included morning sickness, high-risk-pregnancy monitoring, heartburn, and the permanent end to my reliable sleep. However, the pros list stretched on and on, including the fact that my child didn't talk back or... Continue Reading →

A Story To Tell {Of Deepening Lines}

Micah snuggles into my neck, leaving a sticky residue of pureed bananas and crumbling graham crackers on my tired shoulder. His chubby fingers intertwine themselves in my hair, and he giggles at the sensation. Abby twirls in her latest costume get-up, talking non-stop with every waking breathe. Talking and talking back. Smiling sweetly and stomping... Continue Reading →

Exquisite Vulnerability {Stepping Back Into A New Season}

"Exquisite vulnerability," states Brene Brown in her book Daring Greatly. Exquisite. Vulnerability. My heart catches at that phrase, those words, this season, these emotions, that baby-turned-child, this heart of mine, the sound of the chimes outside my window. Who chooses to describe vulnerability as exquisite? To describe as beautiful and brave the process of baring... Continue Reading →

I Survived Parent/Teacher Conferences

Sipping decaf Donut House coffee out of a large, comforting mug, I am recounting some of the highlights of my parent/teacher conference experience with my family. They chuckle as they picture my description of me marching around the conference rooms, stretching out my "gluteus maximus." "I just don't care what image I portray anymore," I admit.... Continue Reading →

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