Bits of this and a lot of that

Words compete with thoughts that compete with dreams that compete with memories that compete with prayers. Bits and pieces of the past several weeks float to the surface, fighting to be discussed, analyzed, processed through, evaluated. Yet, despite the cacophony of events and emotions surging forward, I've needed to process in near silence. Like Mary, my... Continue Reading →


“Had the wise men not followed the star they would never have seen Jesus.” ~Bill Johnson in Spiritual Java devotional (2010) What star are you following? Are you even following a star anymore, or has the reality of the pain and heartache in this world robbed you of your stargazing? Have clouds covered your dreams,... Continue Reading →


Father God, In You, we are all complete and find our victory, hope, and salvation in Your Love (Colossians 2). As a daughter of the King, I am not lacking in anything. Oh, may I abide in that rest and peace today! Last night, I finally broke down, realizing that I can't carry my burden... Continue Reading →

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