Father God, Sometimes...many list of prayers for friends and family is overwhelming in its length and breadth. Still, You know. You hear. You answer before the request is even made. You make intercession for us. And, I am so grateful. So humbled. So ashamed of my own weakness and selfishness. So consumed by my... Continue Reading →

Texas. Here I come. And here I am.

Sweaters folders. Shoes wedged into crevices of jeans and power chargers. Suitcase weighed. Second suitcase filling. A late night shower followed by an early morning flight. Exit Saturday and enter Sunday. De-iced airplane. Still air. Airport bookshop. Worship at the church where I was dedicated as an infant. Black bean soup. Evening football cuddled in... Continue Reading →

Standing accused

The roads are hot and dusty, Galilean sand swirling in through the city gates with the many weary travelers arriving in Jerusalem to observe the Passover. A mob has collected around Pilate's judgement seat - the rabble of the town attracted to watch the farce of a trial. Jesus of Nazareth stands accused today. "Do you hear that long list of... Continue Reading →

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