But have not love

Breakfast in bed. Cereal with blueberries. Scrambled egg. Espresso. Facebook perusing. Bible open. Husband at flag football. Good Morning, World! This is how I like to greet a Saturday (except perhaps for the part about my husband being gone at football). I have grandiose plans for the day...exercise, cooking, grading, curriculum work, celebrating with friends... Continue Reading →

Between Denver and Dakar, Day 1

Dear David, This morning I clung fiercely to your neck, wrapped tightly in your embrace, while high schoolers snickered nearby and teary-eyed parents snapped photos. You smelled of Old Spice body wash and fresh winter air. I buried my nose in you, memorizing even these smallest details. Saying "Goodbye" never gets easier. Stacks of black-and-white passport copies... Continue Reading →

Bottled happiness

"When did I stop thinking life was dessert?"                          ~Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts I allow my heart to meditate on that question, rolling it around like an unpolished stone. "When did I stop thinking life was dessert?" The question clatters, as rough corners collide with smooth surface. My eyes and stomach took me... Continue Reading →

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