Admission of guilt {And the “welcoming” of 8.5 month milestones}

For this season, I've become one of THOSE bloggers. Those bloggers that update their Facebook statuses without a thought to updating their journals. Those bloggers that fail to respond to comments on what little they do manage to write (I'm so sorry!). Those bloggers that I probably judged in seasons past. Alas, no more... I... Continue Reading →

When we struggle and when we rejoice {The Chaos and Beauty of the Co-Mingling}

Count the moments when you ONLY felt pure joy. They are few and far between. Count the days when grief was so overwhelming that there wasn't even a moment of a rainbow. Also, praise God, those days do not occur often. Yet, I've experience both. You too have undoubtedly walked through the rainbow and the... Continue Reading →

Pinching, perfection, and passionate patience

A brown fleece blanket wraps itself snuggly around my folded legs, as embroidered couch pillows cushion my curled form. Events, decisions, thoughts, disappointments, joys, and lessons of 2011 parade themselves through my heart just as the televised New Year's floats meander down the San Antonio, Texas, riverwalk display. Maybe, you too are snuggled somewhere, resting from... Continue Reading →

Childhood Christmas Wish

Sweet Belgian waffles and powdered sugar decorated my plate this morning at Verbena's Cafe. And, while "Seasons Greetings" was artfully proclaimed by the red and green place mat, no holiday message could compare to the delightful childhood memories conjured up by warm waffles and syrup - not even the ridiculously strong coffee poured often by the smiling wait... Continue Reading →

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