Childhood Christmas Wish

Sweet Belgian waffles and powdered sugar decorated my plate this morning at Verbena's Cafe. And, while "Seasons Greetings" was artfully proclaimed by the red and green place mat, no holiday message could compare to the delightful childhood memories conjured up by warm waffles and syrup - not even the ridiculously strong coffee poured often by the smiling wait... Continue Reading →

Between Denver and Dakar, Day 1

Dear David, This morning I clung fiercely to your neck, wrapped tightly in your embrace, while high schoolers snickered nearby and teary-eyed parents snapped photos. You smelled of Old Spice body wash and fresh winter air. I buried my nose in you, memorizing even these smallest details. Saying "Goodbye" never gets easier. Stacks of black-and-white passport copies... Continue Reading →

Bottled happiness

"When did I stop thinking life was dessert?"                          ~Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts I allow my heart to meditate on that question, rolling it around like an unpolished stone. "When did I stop thinking life was dessert?" The question clatters, as rough corners collide with smooth surface. My eyes and stomach took me... Continue Reading →


Dear David, Beloved . . . Your name means "Beloved by God," and so you are. As you laughed as I ate breakfast this morning, decorating my pancakes with a whipped cream smiley face, our marriage seems so full of promise, so bursting at the seems with anticipation, so beautifully named. You are beloved. We are... Continue Reading →

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