A Breathe for Your Weekend {Peonies & Birth Plateaus}

As you all probably know, I am a birth doula. I hold a bachelor's in journalism. A master's in curriculum and instruction. Six+ years as a middle school teacher. But, yes, I call myself primarily neither teacher nor writer, but rather doula. In the Greek, "A woman's servant." Emotional and physical support. A nurturer. Someone... Continue Reading →

Our Birth Story {And My One-Week Letter to My Daughter}

*Disclaimer: This may not be the blog post for everyone's taste. Some of the details that I want to record and remember are beautiful to those involved, but may not be deemed "appropriate" by all readers. Feel free to skip this post :)* Dearest Abigail, You have arrived. For nine beautiful, terrifying, incredible days, you... Continue Reading →

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