Babies & Motherhood

Motherhood caught me off-guard.

Oh, sure, if you have known me through this journey, then you know that it’s not because we had a surprise pregnancy or an unexpected baby. Just the opposite is true, actually. No, it took years of infertility treatments, miscarriages, and rounds of IVF to conceive.

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But, motherhood rocked my world. It reduced my A-type personality to one that no longer could predict her days, her achievements, or her hormones. It changed my career goals and gave me a strange desire to put down roots and nest versus my teenage goals to travel the world and live abroad with nary a care.

I didn’t have easy births, babies or life circumstances during these seasons. But, I have become part of a growing village that is speaking out, sharing freely, loving greatly, and living transparently.


Yes, postpartum depression and anxiety are real monsters.

Yes, life is wet, sticky, dirty, messy, chaotic and unpredictable.

Yes, some days I want to give up on my stay-at-home businesses and switch places with my husband with his calm office and reasonable staff.

But, no, I’m not going anywhere.

I’m becoming brave. Braver than I ever thought possible.

I’m finding beauty in the ordinary.

I’m learning how to use dry shampoo with the skill of a trapeze artist.

And, as a birth doula, friend, mama, and woman, I believe in this village of motherhood to get things done and hold each other up when the nights are long and the days are hard. I believe in prayer, self-care, self-love, real foods, chocolate, coffee, wellness, yoga, running, and bedtimes. Oh, and I add to that list on a regular basis, so feel free to suggest new ideas 😉



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