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If you have found this blog or perhaps been a regular reader for years, then thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my random meanderings, my prayers, my mothering questions, my passion for wellness, my ache for roots and home and my career ups and downs. Welcome to this space that makes up my world. nathan-dumlao-314124-unsplash.jpg

If you would like to connect, then I am always glad to add another to my village. Comment on my blog posts and let’s get to know one another. The coffee is plentiful in my world. I would also love to see you on Instagram @laurenhasz, on Pinterest @laurenhasz or on Facebook @laurenhasz. My email is if you would like to reach out more privately.

If you would like to take your wellness to the next level, then I lead an international team of like-minded individuals who use essential oils, are mindful of their eating and habits, practice self-care, and come from all walks of life. It is a joy to lead and participate in this village of support. I teach publicly and privately and would love to invite you into the more private group. IMG_9231

This group of individuals have chosen to use plants and distilled plants (essential oils) as part of their chemical-free lifestyle. It’s a beautiful thing to nurture one’s self and one’s family with natural options. Please reach out to learn more, and I will welcome you to my team!

If you would like to order Young Living Essential Oils and join the private group it is as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. Click On This Link: Young Living Sign Up
  2. Enter this Sponsor and Enroller ID if it doesn’t auto-fill:  10757221  (same number for both Sponsor and Enroller)
  3. Fill out your info and choose your Start Up Kit. I recommend the “Premium Starter Kit,” as it gives you the best chance to demo oils and experience their true uplifting benefits. This kit comes with 12 oils, a Thieves Household Cleaner sample for a 16 ounce bottle of cleaner, a Thieves waterless hand sanitizer, Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide, Distributor Resource Guide, sample essential oils to share with friends and family, sample antioxidant NingXia juice packets, a product guide, AND a wonderful essential oil diffuser. I love to tell people how much they save by starting with this kit, as it is a $160 kit that is worth over $400, not to mention you have the ability to order at wholesale costs for life.

Please note that you can choose to purchase oils as retail customer or as a wholesale members. If you choose to become a member, there are no additional commitments (you never have to sell anything) apart from your starter kit AND you receive 24% off products. I have been part of the Young Living family for over 15 years and have been amazed at their quality, commitment to research and plethora of natural options for my family. You can read more about their quality commitments at

(Want to know more about the differences between becoming a retail customer or member? Having trouble knowing which Start up Kit to choose? Email me and I will be happy to help.)

No matter how you choose to connect, please do so. This motherhood gig is not meant to be a solo mission. I am held each and every day by a team of women who love on me, text me, read even my slap happy blog posts when the exhaustion is just too much, and keep me accountable for self-care and personal growth. We are seen, loved, and known here. jazmin-quaynor-108480-unsplash

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