A Friday Favorite {the spring causebox review}

The rains just keep coming in this new land of Texas where we arrived two weeks ago, and I’m 90% sure that we will all jump into a raft and float out into the Gulf this weekend. The month of May or not, “April Showers” still seem to be here with a vengeance.

It is rather majestic. Awe-inspiring what nature can do. And terrifying. The sheer force of 6-foot rapids outside our front door has us all standing quiet. Watching.

But in the midst of the downpour, a bit of sunny spring arrived in a vibrant yellow bloom box full of freshly-picked, eco-friendly products. And ALL these products support a CAUSE. When CAUSEBOX reached out to me and asked me to share, I responded with an emphatic “YES.” I believe wholeheartedly in supporting companies that promote social consciousness, empower female artists, fight international atrocities, and do so with all plant-based products.


As Hannah, the Editor-in-Chief of the CAUSEBOX Good News, wrote:

The stories behind each of the products in your Spring CAUSEBOX are of founders who took risks, followed their passions, and never compromised on impact while building their companies. I am inspired by their entrepreneurial bravery and dedication to bettering our world, and I hope you love their products and stories as much as I do. Let these give-back goodies inspire you to treat yourself, be yourself, and be kind to people and our planet.

So without further ado on this rainy Friday morning, I want to share you with a few of my favorite products full of sunshine from this box, and recommend that you check out CAUSEBOX by clicking HERE for their website or HERE for their Instagram feed. Both are beautiful. (And if you fall in love like I have, then you can use code hasz10 for $10 off your first box!)


First, this beautiful PETA-approved vegan leather portfolio clutch from Glass Ladder & Co is absolutely stunning and available in several stylish colors. The company was founded on the principal that women can shatter the glass ceiling and look professional without feeling that they must be masculine. I smile just thinking about this mission. It pairs well with the Cleobella scarf made of vegan silk (my very first silk scarf I’ve ever owned) by a co-founding couple that set out to celebrate international beauty and craftsmanship. Co-founder Angela wrote, “Female empmowerment means raising the consciousness of female integrity from production to purchase.” Amen to that sentiment.



Accessorized with the Marina De Buchi bracelet who creates jewelry with meaning and passion. Marina supports A21’s goal of eradicating human trafficking with these bracelets. (A21 stands for abolishing slavery in the 21st century, and is a non-profit organization “fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored.”)



Check out the spring box yourself for more of the give-back goodies and use code “hasz10” for $10 off your first purchase. This box has over $300 worth of products inside for less than $50. What a beautiful way to welcome spring and add a few staples to a minimal closet and home.

In our everyday lives, we can empower women by voting with our dollars, supporting women-owned businesses, and encouraging young girls to live unapologetically to their fullest potential. ~Nadia Babar Kalos


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