Four Monday Favorites {because Friday favorites are downright exhausting}

I’ve had the best intentions to keep a “Friday Favorites” blog trend going, but alas…

By Friday afternoon the week has usually won and my creativity is at an all-time weekly low.

And while Mondays are there own kind of crazy, I stand a better chance this morning of writing than later this week when the movers arrive to load our house up in boxes for Texas.


So here goes: four favorites for this month. April. Moving month. Spring. Sunshine. Snow. The month of All. The. Feels.

First, let’s just highlight how eagerly I wait for the sunshine to begin to melt all the snow in our Northern-facing Colorado yards where snow lingers FOREVER. My kids are like puppies in their eagerness for park dates, muddy backyard activities, and the storage of winter coats. (I’m pretty sure Micah is going barefoot no matter what the weather these days.) Spring is teasing us with 70 degree warmth followed the next day by 3 inches of snow. But, we are rejoicing in the thawing sunshine when we can, and groaning loudly when we wake up to a blanket of white.


So, when we can, we all escape outside. To the lake. To the park. To our besties’ backyards. It is glorious. And I’m treasuring each one of these last moments here during Colorado’s wild Spring.

Second on my favorites list right now are so many oils. But, I’ll be honest. No outrageous blend sits on my bedroom chest of drawers right now. This has been a month for returning to the basics. I’m using lots of peppermint for energy, copaiba for skin and inflammation, and Frankincense Vitality internally for mood support. Five to ten drops of Frankincense daily is a game changer, and perhaps one of the main/first reasons that I became an essential oil believer.


For most, these basic oils arrive in a starter kit, and they are still ones that I return to daily, especially during seasons of stress. While I’ve taken a step back during this move from teaching classes and hosting events, I’m so grateful that our own family has these coping tools. And, I’ve been blessed that even when I “work less,” a paycheck still arrives monthly as a result from the fabulous Young Living compensation plan AND my team has continued to grow. Unlike most businesses, this one goes on the road with me, and my office is on my phone and on video messaging apps like Marco Polo. As time passes, I am more committed than ever to continuing to support my essential oil tribe and inviting more to journey with me. Young Living offers an amazing community and eco-friendly oils/products. I love both.


Third on my favorites list this week is an explosion of beautiful office supplies released by Ellie & Piper Party Boutique. Tina, the owner, and I have become online friends, and I am passionate about supporting other women in business. Not only does she have the most wonderful curated list of party supplies (check out this post HERE featuring Abby’s party), but she ventures into all realms of decor accessories and stationary.



From Italian shears to the palest-pink ribbon to file folders and more, Ellie & Piper is my favorite resource for creating functional and pretty office spaces, teacher appreciation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, and graduation presents. I’m dreaming of creating my own office later this fall in our new home with all of her supplies, but until then I’m taking them on the road with me this summer as I continue to run my businesses from our rental space.


Fourth and final on my favorites list this month (and perhaps in a totally different vein than my normal topics) is ombre powder brows. Yep, you heard me right. If you haven’t been following my on Instagram, then you missed the fact that I got my first tattoo…on my face. Perhaps to provide a bit of backstory, I don’t wear a lot of obvious make-up, but I love Young Living Savvy Minerals foundation powder, mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and … hate filling in my eyebrows everyday. Mine were a victim to the late 90s high school trend to over-pluck, and unfortunately they never recovered. The ever-popular microblading technique didn’t completely speak to me, and I wanted something a bit gentler and more natural-looking to fit my personality and style. Karilyn (known as @blackmagiceyes on Instagram) at Studio Vetiver in Denver has a beautiful portfolio, and spent so much time with me adjusting my brows to my natural shape and giving me enough coverage to feel like I’m ready to wake up and go most days without much prep. (She was also super reassuring when I found frightening Pinterest images of procedures gone wrong. LOL.) Several weeks into the healing process, and I love the results. My brows feel like MINE, and are my natural shape and hair color. If you are local, then I highly recommend Karilyn. Not to mention, she is super sweet, and makes the time during the procedure as relaxing as possible with her gentle manner.

This first image I took earlier this year (I forgot to take a true “before” photo) and shows my brows after I “penciled” them in, and the second two are now my brows without any make-up, but fuller and still natural with the powder brow tattoo technique. The healing process took about a week before they felt normal, and I’m happy to share more details with anyone who is curious.




So, whether your Monday is off to a crazy start or you are waking up slowly to the Spring sunshine, I pray that you have a few moments to enjoy your favorite things. Time on your yoga mat. Moments journaling and in prayer. A good playlist. Cuddles. May this be a Monday of warmth and gentleness.

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