Practicality meets sustainability {let’s chat bamboo, biodegradable diapers}

Those first 10 months of my experience of motherhood…you know when Abby was still inside my growing belly and contained…were rather idyllic. Cons included morning sickness, high-risk-pregnancy monitoring, heartburn, and the permanent end to my reliable sleep. However, the pros list stretched on and on, including the fact that my child didn’t talk back or voice opinions, meals and snacks were provided without overflowing bins in the pantry, I only had to put on my own shoes to leave the house, and I wasn’t worried about a toddler’s behavior in public. I also experienced the beautiful gift granted only to first-time parents where you can sit in a quiet, empty nursery and make plans. Precious plans. Idealistic plans. And there are no real, live babies to alter them.


Enter my colicy, fussy, sleep-resistant, bottle-fed, first-born preemie in April 2014, and my sleep-deprived self couldn’t remember how to spell my own name, much less all the precious plans that I had made.


It was glorious, humbling, empowering, terrifying, soggy, beautiful, and down-right “bless her heart” early motherhood. I was up to my ears in power-pumping sessions, doctor’s appointments, mastitis, and postpartum hormones. Plus, I went back to my full-time teaching job at 5 weeks postpartum. Messy doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

Yet, I was also in love with this tiny four-pound daughter of mine. Fiercely in love.

But each day was a struggle to get us both fed. Both dressed. I had two rules for David before he was allowed to leave in the morning during those early weeks: (1) he had to make sure I was given the opportunity to brush my teeth, AND (2) he had to turn on the Keurig and begin brewing me a cup of coffee. Heaven help him if he dared to mention that “he was tired.” I had not one iota of grace for that kind of talk.



During that season I had planned to cloth diaper. My intentions were good. Yet, my execution was poor. We were currently living with family and sharing a laundry room with several other adults. Washing the cloth diapers turned into a chaotic disaster. Plus, Abby’s skin hated the cloth diapers, and I couldn’t get rid of her rash. A week into the ordeal I sold them on Craigslist for $5 more than I had paid for my used set. “Good riddance,” I thought, “from now on, we are literally throwing this poopy crap away.” For the love.

Honestly, with a little bit of mentoring, I could have probably been successful, but the reality of that season of motherhood was that I was fighting severe postpartum depression and anxiety while sleeping in 45-minute chunks to pump and bottle-feed a preemie around the clock. Cloth diapering was NOT the skill I was acquiring.


So fast-forward five years later, and I’m now the (still tired) mama of two and an advocate for a lower-waste lifestyle. As we take steps to reduce our waste, I am looking for options that allow the reality of everyday, busy life to mesh with everything that I’ve learned in my motherhood journey about wellness, natural living, and sustainability. We use oils and plant-based products from sustainable, low-waste companies such as Young Living. And I’m researching and finding new options to meet our parenting needs without making us all crazy.

Dyper is one of those solutions.

This company is committed to making high-quality diapers that are “better for you. Better for your baby. Better for your planet. Better for your wallet.” And, friends, we love them.


They are thick, absorbent, non-irritating to sensitive skin, available in a budget-friendly subscription option and (best yet) biodegradable and made from bamboo. Just a few details Dyper promises: “Our diapers are free of nasty stuff. No chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They have no prints, so there’s no ink to worry about. Just naturally hypoallergenic & antimicrobial bamboo fibers.” Plus, the subscription is flexible. If you need more, they will deliver promptly. If you need less, then you can send them back with a pre-paid label. Winning.


Diapers are going to end up in landfills, but with Dyper products the bamboo material will decompose and not leech harmful chemicals in the process. And, while the finer points of recycling are not my area of expertise, motherhood is. And these diapers are a favorite #momhack if you either don’t have the time, inclination, or ability (for whatever reason including preference) to cloth diaper. If potty training goes well, Micah will hopefully be out of diapers this summer, but I already have the Dyper subscription on my list of “must haves” if a Hasz Baby #3 happens in the future. And I love that you can gift several months of a subscription as a practical and thoughtful baby shower present.

If you have a little one, then check them out with my link HERE and let me know what you think. 🙂


Happy Tuesday, friends. May there be lots of grace and coffee this muddy March day. And probably some tub time…just in case your toddler has a propensity for coloring on himself as often as mine does. Ugh.

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