The Wildbloomery {everything + more that the name suggests}

My voice has modulated all the way from gentle and magical tones to loud, harsh and intense today with my children. I realize this is a mom’s life, but I also strive to always maintain a safe space for my children in and around my person. It’s a struggle on days that involve errands and no naps. Sigh.

But today, I’m also wearing my diffuser jewelry, and I simply can’t stop sniffing my wrist, as weird as that sounds. We have been out and about, and I found myself biting my tongue so as to not respond in irritation to the millionth time a child asks me something and simultaneously inhaling the Stress Away oil that I rubbed into the wooden beads this morning. That’s the literal definition of Grit + Grace, fyi 😉


For years I have looked for diffuser jewelry that is actually “my style” and never had any luck. Matter of fact, most has been too gaudy for me to even consider wearing regularly. So when I found Jamie’s Wildbloomery shop on Instagram (click HERE), I was smitten. It was literally love at first site.

Plus, this small shop owner is delightful. Through and through. I feel like I need a coffee date and a long walk after working with her for the past few weeks. She is my “type of people,” as we might say in the southern states of my childhood. And she is generous. And creative. And makes the most beautiful diffuser bracelets + custom orders if you need a unique size or Mommy + Me set.


Diffuser bracelets are perfect to have your arsenal for daily wellness. Whether you are just getting your toes wet with your first essential oils from your starter kit or whether you are an addicted oiler, these allow you to apply a few drops in the morning to the wooden beads, rub in, and then wear for the rest of the day. The scent is mild and sweet and technically removable if you find yourself in a setting that frowns upon fragrances.


The various stone options in her shops also have different properties. I realize that some may put toooo much stock in magical powers of stones, but science has shown that all created things have electrical frequencies associated with them. (Ironically the one of the only things that has been shown to NOT have a frequency is canned food. Ugh. I’m no scientist, but I guessing that isn’t good news for Campbell’s.) In general, research has shown that higher frequencies indicate better health and lower frequencies often indicate the item being measured is either sick or more susceptible to sickness. (Complete side note, but research around the frequencies of cancer cells fascinates me.) Human beings have frequencies that can be measured and are impacted by various things such as the type of food ingested, emotional well-being, water intake, essential oil use, music, and (yes) stones. The little girl in me who collected rocks years ago is doing a happy dance.

BUT, I digress.

To kick off March, first, I want to offer you a discount code to go shop from the Wildbloomery. Click HERE and use code LAUREN10 through Friday, March 9, to take 10% off your order. Don’t forget to stock up for spring break travel, teacher appreciation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, and graduation gifts + a few for yourself. These bracelets pair nicely with oils for emotional support. Read more about those HERE.

Second, I would love to have you as part of my village on this journey toward a more simplistic, beautiful, plant-based lifestyle. There are no guarantees of wellness, and all of our bodies have different amounts of damage and stress from which to heal. What I may love, you may take months to notice an impact. What you find helpful from day 1, I may never care for. BUT, I do know that our family benefits daily from a natural lifestyle.

So, for this first week of March, if you join my tribe with a qualifying kit, then I want to send you a bracelet as part of your open-arm welcome and hug from me. The only thing better would be an actual hug. And a coffee date. Or, perhaps dive into switching out products in your home for chemical free options with the monthly Essential Rewards option. Join this wellness subscription option with an order of 190 PV this first week of March, and I will also send you a bracelet. From me. From this community. Let’s learn together. Even better, if you are already loving this wellness subscription option, then help a friend sign up with a starter kit and an ER order, and I will send you a bracelet as a genuine thank-you for sharing and supporting multiple small businesses.

And, third, go give The Wildbloomery some love on Instagram and Facebook. Even if you never purchase, your support helps shops like this delightful one get off the ground and gain traction.


Happy March, Friends! I can’t wait to bring you more on motherhood, marriage, random meanderings, wellness topics, and sustainable living. (Plus EVERYTHING in between.)

P.S. March’s promotions were just released, and Young Living is on the spring cleaning vibe as well! Check these out and make sure your order qualifies for all of these free gifts this month. Message me with questions. I LOVE shopping for you and helping you individualize your wellness goals. For more on Spring Cleaning and how to make eco-friendly cleaners for every part of your home, click HERE to jump to that blog post.



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