Four things inspiring me these days {other than lattes and lavender}

I get it. I get it. If you know me in person or through social media, then you know that lattes (despite drinking lots of decaf) and lavender (plus ALL the oils) are my jam. But, I thought I would share a few other things inspiring me these days.


First on my inspiration list is music, but not just any music: JJ Heller. Everyday…all day…we’ve been listening to JJ Heller in the car, in the kitchen, and in the shower. I am notorious for finding an artist that speaks to my heart and then playing on repeat. Abby sings lines from “Suitcase,” and all of us are pulled out of this winter funk with the power of songs (the linked live video is so sweet). Personally, “This Year (Happy New Year)” has become my mantra. (And the official music video linked is AHHmazing.)

This year
I’m not looking back to who I was
because I’m gonna be someone I’ve never been
This year
I’m not focused on the cracks in the walls
Not keeping track of all the times I fall
This year
If you need some motivation and magic to your days, I can’t recommend music – and JJ Heller – enough right now. Perhaps it will be just enough to get us through these last final snows of winter.


Second, I realize I may have jumped on this bandwagon late, but if you haven’t followed Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram, then today is the day. I realize we all have different voices and respond to different creative expressions, but it’s been a long time since I have seen a single artist/author speak to such a wide swath of people. Perhaps it is because her words are achingly beautiful and reach the places in our souls that often feel broken, imbuing strength and bravery. Perhaps it is because she dares to write and draw with such simplicity that we are all shocked…and drawn in. Perhaps it is because she speaks of truths and promises that we all want to believe.


Perhaps it is because she simply imparts grace to her readers. No matter why, I feel like her posts are the mini-devotionals that I crave, and often I find my heart turning her words over round and round. Check her out @morganharpernichols. Her music is also powerful, and reminds me of home.


So, I’ll readily confess that in this season of mothering littles and founding businesses, I have not been an avid reader. I fall asleep when I open a book. I haven’t sat still long enough during the laughable “free time” period to make it further than a few pages. Some of you amaze me with your ability to continue reading and mothering, but I also realize that we all create space for different things. I confess I’ve not prioritized reading. BUT…

One book has enthralled me to such an extent that I’ve persevered page by page over the course of months to finish. And it was worth every quiet moment. My third inspiration in this season has been “Roots & Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons” by Christie Purifoy. I realize her work is both autobiographical and inspirational, but her story resonates so much with my own. If you have been a nomad in life and moved often and ached for home and encountered loss and craved simplicity, then this book is also for you. She writes:

The true tragedy of an unquiet life is not that we are unable to find the stars that fall to unexpected corners. The greatest tragedy is that we do not even slow down long enough to find the stars where we know they can be found.

Yes. Yes and Amen. I find myself feeling loss regularly just for missing the quiet moments with myself, my husband and my babies that I know I could have snatched because my brain, heart and/or body were elsewhere. I’m on a journey to change that. Check out her podcast, her Instagram @christiepurifoy, and her website A Spacious Place.


And finally, I admit that I’ve fallen in love with the vision behind sustainable living, low waste/zero waste companies and blogs, and the Farmhouse Movement (both magazine and IG account). If these terms mean little to you now, then stay tuned. Over the course of the past several months, I’ve been researching, changing our lifestyle, and finding a community to teach me more about sustainability. My interest was first fueled when Young Living Essential Oils announced that they are not only currently a “sustainable” and “socially responsible” company, but also will be a completely “zero waste” company in five years. My curiosity was piqued, and I needed to know exactly why those descriptors were important. Talk about a life-changing rabbit trail, y’all…


Anyway, I’ll dive into those topics more later, but for now check out IG accounts like @naturallycadie, @ecozoi, @bykalleco, @greenindyblog, @younglivingfoundation, and (my current favorite) @thefarmhousemovement. Also, I’m building a resource guide for you over on Instagram of low waste businesses and products and definitions. On my profile page @laurenhasz below my bio is a pinned highlight story called “No Waste Biz” that you can click through. For now, I’ll leave you this morning with this excerpt from The Farmhouse Movement mission:

We believe that this back-to-our-roots movement {the farmhouse movement} embodies families moving toward sustainable options. That whether we live in a big city or a wide-open prairie, we are embracing natural products, mindfully made things, the Renaissance of lost art and skills, and loving + leading our homes intentionally. We are asking for down-to-earth honesty about the items and influences that we bring into our lives.

Happy Tuesday Friends, and I’m so grateful you are here. If you haven’t already, I would ask that you subscribe to this blog by clicking the subscribe button near the top right corner of your page. It means the world to small bloggers like me. Thank you, and may your day be filled with quieter, slow moments and perhaps a good playlist to keep you going.



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