Fall in Love {Another Date Night in Box Story}

I swear that one day I’m going to hibernate in a beach house and become that lady that no one sees except for at the local coffee shop and along the sandy shoreline. Until then, I’m that entrepreneurial mom who sometimes dresses her children in dirty clothes and drives a very well lived in van. I keep a packed planner and often throw it out the window when the tears and exhaustion come, yet the to-dos are still long. I’m learning balance and self-care and rest. I’m learning to re-prioritize well-being instead of well-doing. Stress the word learning in all the above instances.IMG_5804

My art of slow looks more like a toddler’s first attempts at painting.

And, I think many of us could say the same thing. You may not be an entrepreneur. You may not be a parent. But today’s society has a way of sucking the life out of our days with demands, to-dos and expectations. It has a way of making relationships – marriage specifically – chores versus a joys.

And what’s the fun in that?

So, despite the fact that I take photos often and blog rarely right now (oh well), I wanted to share a quick little review of our second Date Night in a Box. (Read the first HERE.) This month’s theme was “Fall in Love,” and, ironically, I pulled out the Table Talk questions in the middle of a 24-hour “intense miscommunication” that David and I were having this past weekend. (Think fight at 1 a.m..)IMG_6162

ANYWAY, despite the fact that neither of us were in the mood for romance, it was honestly refreshing to have an evening prepped for us that required us to think back to the some of the original reasons we fell in love 12 years ago and talk about some of the characteristics that we love about each other and our marriage. We sat in bed, listened to music, read, talked, created a beautiful little keepsake, and played Bunco. It was simple, and it was perfect.IMG_6163

IMG_6164And the nice thing is that these date night boxes match your energy levels. There were activities we could have additionally done, an entire themed meal plan and cocktail recipes, and more questions. But it also allowed us to pick and choose the elements that best suited us this month after our children were in bed.

I would call that a win-win situation. I invite you to check them out and perhaps Date Night in a Box is a perfect gift to give your marriage during the upcoming season of holiday parties and Christmas list to-dos. Perhaps it is your evening of slow and cozy and quiet that you look forward to every month. Click here to visit their site, choose an option that is right for you, and use my referral code to become box buddies 😉 fullsizeoutput_4842

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