Where Wellness, Finances & Family Meet {A New Journey}

Since I left my full time position as practice manager at Baby+Co Birth Center, my husband and family have been encouraging me to write more. They know it is an outlet for me, and one day I dream of being the writer who lives by the sea, drinking tea and crafting novels without a care in the world.

But back to the present.

My fingers have been still. My heart has been in turmoil. So many unknowns. So many hopes. So many conversations. But how can I find the space to bring you, my readers, into this turmoil without overwhelming you or providing so little resolution that I become the ranting cynic?

I still don’t have the answer, so please leave behind any high expectations today. cropped-hasz_finals_bw_105.jpg

First, a summary. We aren’t at this current time moving to Oklahoma. We remain in limbo, job hunting. No, I don’t know where we spend all the holidays. And, yes, this makes my tradition-loving, mama’s heart ache.

Second, some introspection. I’m finding prayer again. I’ve reached the end of my rope, and I’m finding the kind of prayer that moves from begging to believing and hoping. Today, that may not be true, but overall I’m once again believing that there IS a perfect place and job and calling for our family. We are not forgotten. We are loved. And, no matter the circumstances, we are called to love and give abundantly to each other, our family, and our community.

Third, my recent business goals. I never ever want to be in this place again financially. A place that limits our options and makes giving nearly impossible. A place that wrings the joy out of days and makes decisions brutal. But, I also know that now is not the time for me to work the same hours that I kept this past year. And, so, if it is nearly impossible to live on one salary in Colorado, then I’m going to find a creative way to be that second salary. View More: http://rachaelhopephotography.pass.us/hasz-family-collection

Since I was a child, I have applied, inhaled and ingested herbal supplements and Young Living essential oils. We were on and off the mission field and often didn’t have access to Western medications anyway. And, as kids, my sisters and I played on the floor of germ-ridden orphanages and rice-and-bean filled basic kitchens. I can say this now with awe and admiration: through all the ministry and rough living conditions during short-term trips, my mama supported our wellness and health. We had a happy, healthy childhood, and I look back fondly on those years.

Then I left for college, beat my body up with long distance running habits and an eating disorder, and struggled with digestive issues produced by a long bout of food poisoning and a family history of food sensitivities. My hormones, head, and heart were all out of whack, and it wasn’t until I was limping around the halls of my first teaching position with ice wrapped around my knees did I begin to realize that I couldn’t treat my body that way and that my self-image needed a boost. I needed to believe I was beautiful, desirable, and whole just the way I was. And, I needed some drastic nutritional and habit changes.

So, I picked up some essential oils my mom had sent me and started applying. I began to take Omega supplements and eat nutrient-dense foods like nuts and seeds. I bought my first diffuser and begin diffusing immune-boosting oils in my middle school classroom. I researched and read and experimented and questioned and began to learn how to heal my body naturally. I joined communities of individuals with these same goals. And, finally, nearly 10 years later, I recently launched my own Wellness Support Group to help myself and others continue that journey. Along the way, I’ve done work to heal my heart, so it’s not about the weight or the appearance anymore, but rather now about feeling strong and vibrant and able to do all the things that being a mama, wife, and friend require.

But, I’m not stopping there. Young Living is a wellness company that instead of investing in big advertising, rather they have chosen to invest in their members and provide them with an opportunity to build careers as wellness advocates and essential oil educators. I’m all in. 

Now, many people who become members with Young Living simply do so for the incredible wholesale prices and never sell/share a single thing. But some do. And some of the women that I grew up with and who used to live paycheck to paycheck and/or with financial stress are now bringing in six-figure salaries MONTHLY. So, I know it is possible. These are homeschooling moms. Women without college degrees. Women with advanced degrees who see the benefits and business opportunity. College guys. College girls. Anyone, really. Distributors are never meant to be experts, but rather simple ambassadors for wellness. Do your own research from there.

So, let me circle the wagons for a minute. I would love for you to join me in a season of investing in your own and your family’s wellness. I’m asking you to consider replacing Target items with chemical-free personal care and home care items. I’m asking you drink Ningxia antioxidant juice packed with goodness. I’m asking you to invite your friends. Join me online or in-person for educational, relationship-building events. Even if you aren’t ready yourself, allow me to come drink coffee in your home, bring you samples and share with your friends about ways to both support health goals and boost self-confidence. Because, I tell you what, as my hormones come into alignment, my libido increases and my marriage improves. As my postpartum mood swings respond to natural supportive oils, I am less likely to lash out or loose my cool. As my digestive system heals, I am finding more and more strength and energy without the crippling bloating and cramping. It’s a wellness lifestyle, and essential oils aren’t the end all be all, but I believe they have a place in everyone’s home and routines.

Riddle me this: “Why NOT give it a try?” 

But, believe me, I know this isn’t for everyone. I’m just extending the invitation. I am leading an amazing team of entrepreneurs who are both getting stronger personally and beginning to see financial results from their business endeavors. And maybe the business side of things isn’t for you, but you are willing to give the health benefits a try. I would love to talk to you on the phone or sit down at a coffee shop with you and help you on your own personal healing journey. Please send me an email at Lauren.cupofbliss@gmail.com.

But, please be open to talking about how oils can support your weight goals. Be open to discussing how they can support joint health. Digestion. Skin health. Mood. Hormones. Sex.

Because I’m beyond the point of having surface-level health conversations. I want to see women feel good in their bodies. I want to see marriages succeed because desire increases. I want to see friends helping friends. I want to see a generation of children that aren’t constantly exposed to all the chemicals out there. View More: http://rachaelhopephotography.pass.us/hasz-family-collection

So, please let me know if you want to know more. Please let me know if you want to be part of my Wellness Support Group. Please let me know if you want to host a gathering or meet one-on-one. If you are ready to join me on this lifestyle adventure, I am also posting the link below to sign up. There are retail and member options for purchases, but the premium starter kit is the best deal and lets you buy at wholesale costs thereafter. It also includes 11 oils, samples, and a diffuser, so you are able to truly test the wellness benefits and give them a chance to improve your health. But, this choice is up to you. I am just a secret introvert becoming brave today and renewing my determination to not let my fears hold me back.


Sign up here:


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