Dear Abby {On the Day You Turn Three}

IMG_0093.JPGMy Sweet Abby,

You have been counting down the days until your birthday. Talking about all of the sweets and pink sparkly things that you wanted. And, today, you finally turned three. Donned your pink sparkly birthday hat. Prepared to greet the world with the same enthusiasm that you have for all of life. You are My gift. My lens into what is fun, lighthearted, social, important, out-of-my-control, wild, crazy, messy, emotional, and tender-hearted. IMG_0090.JPGIMG_0091

It snowed today. Thick, wet flakes after a run of warm Spring days. It snowed on your Birth day too. I remember the swirling white magic around the car, as your Daddy and I drove to the hospital. The world was coated in newness in expectation of you.

You bring a freshness to our days that can’t be rivaled. You are ready to go and do. Always active. Always entertaining or being entertained. Always talking. Always using your imagination. Rarely still. IMG_0101.jpg

Today, instead of a traditional birthday party, I took a day off of work to treat you to an over-the-top Mommy-Daughter date. (That day off work couldn’t have come at a better time, since I have been very sick the past several days.) Despite my fever and respiratory challenges, we braved the cold to go do “Big Girl” things. Ride the carousel at the mall (they let you ride free, dressed as you were in your birthday outfit). Ride the train (once again, you rode free and were even given money by other passengers?!?). Be serenaded by the train driver. Eat a scone at Starbucks. Shop for a bathing suit. Have your first haircut. Enjoy a pedicure and manicure with me. It was grand. And my heart will always treasure the look of pure delight on your face today. The feeling of your hand in mine as we walked through the mall. Your profile as you ran ahead of me. Your warmth as you snuggled in my arms. IMG_0113.jpg


Family came over in the evening to celebrate with you, and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter time of gift-opening, playing in the snow, riding your new bike from Grammy and Pop, and watching you sample more sweets than we normally see in a month. Your Grammy even made you a Thomas the Train cake and cupcakes. I think you will sleep well tonight, Little Girl.  IMG_0134.jpg

IMG_0138.jpgIMG_0148.jpgToday reminded me of why I love being a mother. Why all the long days and sleepless nights are worth it. Why the recent weekends of crying because I haven’t been able to produce enough milk for Micah will fade into distant memories as you both grow and thrive. Life looks different in each season. When you were little, you and I spent endless hours doing nothing but playing together and going on adventures. In this season, our routine barely allows for clean laundry much less exploration. But, what matters most to you is that you know that you are loved. You are seen. You are special.

You are my most amazing birthday girl. I fear time will fly too fast in the coming years. But, today…today was perfect.

I love you,


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  1. What a wonderful birthday!! I am so happy to hear you all are doing well (minus the cold you have). She’s getting so big and looks just like her momma. Thanks for the update ❤

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