Six weeks into a new job and 26 weeks into pregnancy

IMG_8542.JPGIMG_8596.JPGIMG_8594.JPGI can’t say since I wrote last about our family’s big changes have we fallen into an easy rhythm or magically figured out how to make two weekend days provide enough time to both accomplish all our errands and relax as a family. Some weekends I have conquered the to-do lists and others (such as our current Labor Day weekend) I have sensed that my pregnant body needed a bit more TLC.

Most week days, I work 10-12 hours, while David leaves at 5:30 to work his normal early shift and then pick up Abby by about 4 pm. I get her and myself ready for the day, and then he takes the evening shift. There have been a lot of hot dogs and boxes of Macaroni and Cheese consumed at our house the past  six weeks. Thank goodness for fruit/veggie toddler “squeezes” that at least supplement Abby’s diet.

“When I rise, give me Jesus” has never been so true. Or perhaps more accurately for this season:”All I need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.”

But, we are on this grand adventure as a family. Together. Surviving. Learning to thrive. Learning a new pattern to our weeks. Learning to invest in one another during briefer periods of time. Learning to trust that God is making a way.

View More: More: More: love what I’m doing as the Center Manager of Baby+Co birth center. I love my team. The clients. The challenge of company finances, marketing, staff dynamics. The unpredictability of each day. I never know when I walk into work who will be in labor, what baby will let out his or her first cry, what newly nauseous mama will walk through our doors in need of peppermint and a midwife’s calming voice.

But, I’ve also come home in tears, as the hours at my desk take there toll on my growing belly and stretching ligaments. I don’t remember hurting this much when I was pregnant with Abby. I don’t remember feeling so “pregnant” or so hungry or so big so early. Third trimester approaches, but there are still many weeks between now and Little Lion Baby’s expected arrival.

IMG_8599.JPGThis boy has wound himself through my heart and body through and through. He does jumping jacks that keep me awake at night. He wiggles and kicks and protests when I sit down to rest. He grows big and stretches me anew.

View More: More:, thanks to our history of IUGR with Abby, we have had several high level ultrasounds to confirm that this little guy isn’t facing any of the same issues as his sister. And no worries. He continues to measure big with a head in the 86th percentile. Oh, gracious. I’m grateful and a bit daunted by my expanding girth. But, all seems to be well with this little one. I can’t believe we could meet him in less than three months.

And so as summer fades in autumn, the seasons of our hearts change. We grow big with expectation. We look forward to new challenges. We cringe at the enormity of callings – old and new. We re-examine past loves and current dreams. What stands in the midst of a shifting framework? What still holds true?

View More: More: us…for me…I’ve clung even more closely to the few friends who accept my physical absence from their lives, but remain present through texts, phone calls, and quick coffee dates. My prayer/journaling time has gone “on the road,” as much of my conversations with Christ are accomplished in snatches here and there throughout the day. But these prayers are no less precious. David and I spend most late evenings in bed together: me eating a late dinner, him prepping for another early morning, Netflix on the TV, the two of us silently betting whether or not I will actually stay awake for an episode. Abby and I have intentional conversations in the morning about her day, her heart attitudes, how much mommy and daddy love her, how special she is, how many days are left until the weekend. It still breaks my heart to drop her off at her early learning center some mornings, but I truly believe she is excelling in the classroom environment. I just miss her.

IMG_8549.JPGWhile this update may lack cohesiveness and lyricism, it is at least written. For the first time in six weeks. Know we are grateful for the grace so many of you are extending to our family in this season. Know we are grateful for your prayers. Your understanding of our lack of participation. Your genuine love for us. We are grateful. And overwhelmed. And blessed. And so busy that we aren’t even sure what we have forgotten to accomplish. But, all is well. Abby is smiling. Baby is growing. And none of us have died of Macaroni and Cheese or a bit of caffeinated coffee. View More: More:

{All photos credited to Rachael MacPhee of Haven, Life and Photo who captured an evening of our family at a nearby wildlife preserve three weeks ago}

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