The Birth Dance: Mama & Partner in Beautiful Rhythm

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” murmured a soon-to-be-dad, as he watched his fatigued wife briefly resting hours after her water broke. His wife had fought hard and long for her natural birth, laboring through transition-like contractions induced by Pitocin before finally needing something to take the edge off.

Through those intense hours, I supported the head and shoulders of this brave mama while her husband tirelessly applied counter-pressure and low-back massage. His anguished face reflected the intensity of his wife’s emotions, as they together faced the pain that came rolling in like waves. He never left her side for more than brief bathroom and snack breaks that I insisted upon. He held her through countless position changes, as we tried to allow gravity to work for her tiring muscles.

He was her rock.

Theirs was the birth dance of a beautiful relationship. Mama in labor. Husband working no less hard right along side her.

To read the rest of this blog post, come on over to CORD Mama’s blog, a collection of Colorado pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding stories.

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