Dear Abigail {9.5 Month Letter}

Dear Abby,

The chimes tinkle outside the open bedroom window on this unusually warm January day. I can feel the wind that slightly rustles the curtains, as it calms my heart and tickles my skin. It’s been a cold December and January, and you and I have stayed cozy indoors.

Cozy and busy.

Cozy and learning.

Cozy and growing.

You have changed so much in the past couple of months. You have gone from a crawling baby to a little girl determined to climb the stairs, walk along the furniture, and taste everything in sight – edible or not. Your curiosity and personality are magnified with every passing day, as you explore your ever-expanding world with wide-eyed wonder. I’m not sure that I have ever met a child with so many opinions…at only nine-months-old. IMG_4100

You call me “Mama” and excitedly flap your arms and yell “Dada” when your Daddy walks into the room. Even though you had been saying “Mama” for a while, you said “Dada” for the first time on Christmas day. I think your Daddy was ready to melt right there on the spot. He loves you so much. His love melts MY heart each and every day.

You love anything new. New toys. New tastes. New scenery.

Right now, your favorite activities are climbing the stairs, throwing balls, playing peekaboo, “unloading” shelves/baskets/drawers/cabinets, and babbling up a storm. You abhor being confined, being left alone, being quiet, and being fed the same food more than twice in a row. You’ve just started to enjoy reading books and particularly enjoy “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and “Where is Baby’s Bellybutton?”.

You growl at toys and while climbing the stairs. You flap your arms wildly to show your enthusiastic approval of an experience. And, (to your mama’s chagrin) you have begun to show your anger by “going limp” and screaming. Thankfully, this has only happened a handful of times.

You are now only waking once or twice to nurse at night, and taking two regular naps during the day. You nurse about 4-5 times during the day and eat at least three meals of solid food. Yogurt is the only thing you will consistently eat. Other than that, you relish berries, especially blueberries, meat such as steak and chicken, egg yolks, beans, frozen broccoli, cereal from my breakfast bowl, crackers, and Craisins. Textures and spices are very important to you. IMG_4129IMG_4132

Baby Girl, you make my heart sing. One of the most precious sights to me is your wide smile when I come to get you out of your crib. Your dimples greet me and give me energy to nurse one more time, change one more diaper, and keep moving when I’m exhausted. You splash around in your bathtub and chase your pink duck in the water. You hug my neck and give me wet kisses. I’m filled to overflowing with the joy of being your mama. IMG_4052

You are going to do great things, Sweet Girl. Each night we pray over you, and I snuggle the miracle that is your small self. One day, I will tell you stories of when you were a baby and how you consistently amazed your Daddy and me.

I love you, Abigail Nichelle. Love your opinions. Love your personality. Love that you hate avocado, but enjoy guacamole. Love that you don’t like pacifiers, but can’t go to sleep without your giraffe “Wubby” pacifier. Love that you smile every time I chant your “diaper change” song.

You are my sunshine.

~Mama IMG_4187


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  1. It is so fun to read about Abby’s HUGE personality! Isn’t it funny how such definite opinions can come out of such little people? How are you doing these days? It sounds like you might be getting a *little* more sleep these days? How is your doula business coming along? Hope you’re doing well, friend! 🙂

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