A story in photos {Abby’s 7-8.5 month adventures}

As I mentioned in my more detailed blog post, I’m keeping time by the photos on my phone. I often lose track of days. I simply know when my pregnant mamas are due, when I’m on call, when Abby pooped last, and when her next nap should be.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind are big looming dates…January 6 I will turn 27 years old…March 2015 David’s parents will move back home to Colorado from Kentucky (SO excited to have a set of grandparents close and have one of my mother’s more constant support)…Summer 2015 David has an internship with Anadarko…May 2016 (a year and a half from now) David will graduate and we will begin house hunting and job hunting (perhaps not quite in that order)

The big and little pictures are equally important right now. The big picture keeps our family’s dreams alive and me motivated to continue building my doula business and making memories during these long days of David studying. The little picture keeps Abby fed and my sanity intact. So, both are equally important.

Yet, as I’m not keeping a baby book, I do keep photos. I keep words. Words and photos recorded here to imprint the coos of my baby and the first adventures of that same soon-to-be toddler in my heart. These are from the past several months of living life…

Family photos when Abby was a bit over 6 months… IMG_4528IMG_4531-2IMG_4537IMG_4562IMG_4650IMG_4675IMG_4715IMG_4721IMG_4723IMG_4843

My trip to Houston before Thanksgiving when Abby was about 7.5 months. We went to the zoo for the first time, and G-Pop fed Abby Dippin’ Dots. He told me it was better than cotton candy :)… IMG_3614IMG_3676IMG_3660IMG_3667IMG_3668photo

5K Turkey Trot (Abby and I placed “third stroller” despite the fact that I had only run once in the prior two weeks. I might be a bit competitive on race day.). Abby “chatted” with other runners that we were passing most of the race and then fell asleep at the very end. She found it very necessary to refuel afterward…

IMG_3716  IMG_3715 IMG_3721 IMG_3729

“Friendsgiving” festivities here in Colorado. This was our third year to celebrate with our Lifegroup couples the day before Thanksgiving. The food…and the fellowship…couldn’t be better… IMG_3700IMG_3730IMG_3732IMG_3731IMG_3702IMG_3703

Eating during Thanksgiving festivities with Colorado family and adopted family. Abby and Mia required towels to contain their exuberance…. IMG_3739

Prepping for Christmas. We put up our first Christmas tree in eight years of marriage. Abby wanted to help as much as possible. Aunt Rose got some snuggles in while David and I hung ornaments…IMG_3753IMG_3769


Old Fashioned Christmas Lighting of the Tree and Firefighter’s Chili Cook-Off. So thankful for new mommy friends that the Lord has brought into my life to help the days and nights go by faster even when the babies cry and the showers don’t happen… IMG_3832

Adventures in eating. Abby still is not so sure about avocado, but she will eat steak and chocolate frozen yogurt with great glee… IMG_3847IMG_3953IMG_3983IMG_3979

Adventures in mobility. The child is literally days away it seems from walking on her own. She crawls, climbs, and scampers up stairs. Nothing is safe around her anymore…IMG_3791


The last Sunday of Advent. Feeling blessed to enjoy three weeks of quiet with David here in Colorado before he begins his next semester…IMG_3986IMG_4014

IMG_4013 IMG_4015Thank you, Dear Friends, for letting me overwhelm you with photos. Once again, these are for me. To keep record. To remember. The big picture and the small picture as the days go by…

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  1. “Mary offering up her physical body to become the God-bearer, transfigured for all mothers, for all time, the meaning of motherhood. She cradled, fed, and bathed her baby, who was very God of very God – so that when we cradle, feed, and bathe ours, we may see beyond that simple task to the God who in love and humility “dwelt among us and we beheld His glory.” Quotation from Elisabeth Elliot

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