My Dearest Abby {6 Month Milestone & A Story in Photos}

IMG_2085IMG_2094IMG_2087My Sweet Little Girl,

Six months ago you were placed on my chest for the first time. Your warmth blended with mine as our heartbeats syncopated and our inhales caught at the very same moment. You were part of me, are part of me, will always be part of me. IMG_1898

Your mouth searched for me, as your tiny fingers fisted tight. Your Daddy may have been crying. And smiling. And touching you. IMG_1868

IMG_2115Touching your perfection. IMG_2107

IMG_2078IMG_2122Now you often snuggle in bed with us. All six months of you kicking me and playing with your Daddy’s nose while he tries to sleep. You nearly make snow angels between us. IMG_1969IMG_1970

IMG_1940IMG_0040IMG_2604IMG_0080IMG_3285You love eating…drinking…tasting…drooling…

IMG_0201IMG_2939IMG_3178IMG_3273IMG_3288 IMG_3286IMG_3318You have strong opinions about just about everything… abby_1mo_119

abby_1mo_118IMG_2252IMG_2715IMG_2768IMG_0020IMG_2825IMG_0041IMG_0055IMG_2914IMG_3097You enjoy new activities all of the time… IMG_1950

IMG_1955IMG_2275IMG_2717IMG_2740IMG_2857IMG_2864IMG_3025IMG_3226IMG_3221IMG_3239And develop new skills… IMG_2241

abby_1mo_117IMG_2971IMG_2943IMG_0168IMG_3163IMG_3200And snuggle with your favorite people…10402508_10152447001402082_4336177514861967658_n1978876_10152043248102636_1121189463751051233_n10257376_10202470655820806_1092703519707688941_nIMG_1853

IMG_2012IMG_2351IMG_2350IMG_2349IMG_2589IMG_2620IMG_2751IMG_2990IMG_3033IMG_003310599135_615935305123_6135330444642441815_n905864_615322029133_3078506219929398943_oIMG_3257And pose because mom can’t seem to stop taking photographs…IMG_1916

IMG_6367abby_1mo_127abby_1mo_109IMG_2653IMG_3018IMG_3011IMG_0197IMG_3066IMG_3154IMG_3304And hike…IMG_2522IMG_3328

And smile…with those big amazing dimples… IMG_1861

IMG_2392IMG_2438IMG_2507 - Version 2IMG_2471 - Version 2IMG_2479IMG_2565IMG_0129IMG_2953IMG_3293IMG_3081I love you, Abigail Nichelle. Happy 6 Months, Sweet Girl, even if I do need coffee like a ship needs water… IMG_3296


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  1. I can’t believe our babies are 6m old already! Not gonna lie, I cried the other day thinking about it. It’s crazy to see the changes in them when you look back at the newborn pictures. Abby is growing into such a beautiful girl!

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