A New Calling {And Effortless Joy}

I’ve been hinting that something big is coming. Some new revelation that breathes of life change and new direction and…freedom.

It’s not that I didn’t love teaching. That wouldn’t be true. I’ve sobbed over and over again about leaving my classroom, students, and colleagues (Read more here on how that came about.). On my first day of not teaching last week, I felt like I was the bad kid, playing “hooky” all day with Abby. When I’ve taught in the past years, I’ve personally experienced the pleasure of God and, hopefully, been an imparter of passionate love to my students and school. On Monday, I was keenly aware of the empty place where “Mrs. Hasz” resided, where the give and take of learning and life in the classroom took place.

This change comes not from any detestation of teaching. But, circumstances dictated something new. And, one of my biggest fears in it all? That I wouldn’t be able to replace teaching with something that I felt similarly passionate about, that imparted life and joy, and that felt like could be defined as my “calling.”

I had been underestimating God.

Yesterday, I spent all day between a three-hour “Fourth Trimester” professional development class for doulas and a “Mommy & Baby” yoga class. And, I love every minute of this new world that I find myself in. The world of mamas, babies, daddies, and birth. The world that Abby and I are welcome to enter into together. The world of a doula where women empower women to succeed in their moments of most vulnerability. The world of new mamas where we can nurse, bottle-feed, cry, and laugh together. This world. This world of a mama. This world of a doula.

I fit.

Although I worked during nearly every spare moment this week when Abby was either napping or down for the night, I’m in love with what is on my plate. The work brings me joy, as I create my business model, research logo ideas, and dream of myself providing families with the emotional support that I’ve been called to give.

And, when Abby is awake, I’ve gotten to be a mom. A mom who walks to the park, nurses in the rain (yes, that happened), and let’s her baby taste garlic mashed potatoes.

This morning, my head is swimming with all that I need to accomplish and want to achieve, but my heart is also overflowing with gratitude. IMG_3097

I am a doula. A doula anointed for this job. In both a literal and a figurative sense, I plan to incorporate “anointed” essential oils into my clients’ care, as well as emotionally “anointing” the families that I am privileged to serve.

My website and business cards are a work-in-progress, but please visit my business Facebook page and “Like” it and “Share” it. Please refer pregnant friends and families to me if you feel that we would work well together. Click here to visit and view my page.

I am Anointed Beginnings doula services. I am blessed.


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