Dear Abby {14.5 Week Update}

Dear Abby,

It has been two weeks since I have blogged. It feels like even longer. This precious summer with you is flying by, and I can’t believe that I begin teacher in-service in 3.5 weeks. Brutal reality. IMG_2525

My body is exhausted, and my heart is overflowing today. After a couple of weeks of traveling, hosting visitors, and late nights, coffee is barely even effective. However, I look forward to my morning brew with great longing, and your daddy has been faithful to start the Keurig and brew me at least one cup before leaving for work. You have changed so much in the past couple of weeks that I barely know where to begin this letter, yet my heart is too full to hold back. Somewhere in the midst of diaper changes and nursing sessions, you have grown past your newborn age and have entered the realm of “babyhood” with its toys, books, and personality developments. Your daddy and I are in awe.

First, you have totally moved past the horrible 5-6 weeks of colic and are finding a rhythm to your days/nights. We don’t have a schedule yet, but rather a basic structure of napping, nursing, playing and soothing. Your naps are becoming longer, and you want more interaction when you are awake. Toys and books have begun to hold an interest for you, but only for brief periods of time. You would much rather talk to and stare at your mama. You smile and coo/laugh when I pucker and tell you to “Give kisses.” As of this last week, you will play for at least 10 minutes at a time on your playmat. You love the hanging monkey and zebra and enjoying kicking the lion with your feet while you stretch for the other dangling animals. Occasionally, you are successful in your effort to grab the elusive monkey’s tail, but then you don’t know what to do with your prize. While tummy time is still not a position that you enjoy, you don’t mind it as much when I prop your chest up with a pillow and blanket and turn the pages of a board book. Your daddy discovered that you will fuss if just one page is left open, but will continue to “read” if the pages are turned rather rapidly for you. IMG_2547

You love patterns and bold colors. For several days, your flowered nursing cover held your interest for long periods of time, and you would smile and laugh at it, while studying the pattern’s intricacies. My chevron chartreuse tank top is one of your favorites, and you like your daddy’s green/purple/white striped dress shirt. When I take you shopping, you will focus on the neons and patterned items around you.

Much of the time you like to hold/cuddle something in both hands. Until you are deeply asleep, you will tug on Wubby’s ears (your giraffe pacifier) and hold him close. You like the feeling and taste (Ha!) of small blankets tucked in your fists. You are days away from finding your thumb. So far, you suck on your fist and several other fingers, but have yet to realize that you can put just your thumb in your mouth. Often, you wake yourself up by tossing your giraffe or small blanket on your face, and you have to be rescued. IMG_2604

On that note, you have graduated from your Rock ‘n’ Play that you were growing too long for and are now sleeping in your Pack ‘n’ Play in our room. We tried your crib and will eventually transition completely there, but I’m too tired for that now. Since you are still nursing on average three times a night, having you close to my bed is much more convenient. And, truth be told, your daddy and I cried the first night you fell asleep in your crib and were both grateful when you woke up to nurse and we could move you back to our room. Since then, you have only taken naps during the day in your own room. More often, you sleep during the day in your gliding swing or even your car seat if we are on the go.

Mama loves you so much, Sweet One. From your chubby cheeks to your jellybean toes, I am head-over-heels in love with you. Nothing…NOTHING…will ever change that.

Now for some photos…


This one was selfie in the airplane on the way to visit grandparents. Between nursing and sucking on Wubby, you were a rather content little traveler (much to the relief of everyone around us, I’m sure). IMG_2565

And your first pair of skinny jeans…IMG_2589

IMG_2592IMG_2598Hanging out with your G-Pop (my dad) at a childhood friend’s wedding. You think G-Pop “eating” your toes is hilarious! IMG_2611

Smiling in the mirror with Mama at your grandparents’ house…IMG_2620

IMG_2623Playing with your Aunt Danielle (Dr. Cockburn) and enjoying some “spatial disorientation,” which is apparently good for babies’ development according to your aunt. IMG_2653

Happy morning girl 🙂 IMG_2715

IMG_2705Emotions change like the breeze…IMG_2717

IMG_2721“Exploring” a stuffed animal…

IMG_2740IMG_2736IMG_2738Playtime (and, no, the cat is not attacking you, but rather playing with his own toy as well)

IMG_2750IMG_2751Daddy and daughter time. Melt my heart.

And the finale…the smile and the lower lip IMG_2769

IMG_2768Ta da!

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  1. We’ve just recently made the switch to the pack n play also- I’m not ready for the crib switch yet either. Such a cutie pie, beautiful like her mommy!

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