Dear Abby {12.5 Week Update}

Dear Abby,

Mama can’t believe that it is the first of July and that her summer break is already half over. It’s been nice to ignore the fact that I am going back to work in August. You change so much every day…it’s so hard not to dread missing part of your days this coming year. Still, I know that God’s timing for everything is perfect, and that this arrangement is only for a season. You will love the amazing woman who will be watching you and will most likely be even more coddled than you have been in the first three months of your life if that is even possible. You are truly a gift.

Right now we find ourselves in Texas in the home that your mama grew up in. I remember climbing trees here and dreaming of Prince Charming and “living happily ever after.” I remember snuggling with my sisters in the same room where you and I now cuddle at night. It has been an amazing trip so far to visit your grandparents and aunts, although we miss your daddy back in Denver. You are charming your way into everyone’s hearts. Matter of fact, (to my chagrin) you’ve already managed to share several fruit popsicles and snowcones with your G-Pop. I didn’t have the heart to deny either one of you, and you will rarely get to enjoy being spoiled by these grandparents since we live 16 hours away. Just as long as you don’t begin to turn your nose up at nursing…

You discovered your hands this week. I stared in awe as you held them in front of your face and stretched your fingers. Matter of fact, you are getting a bit better of grabbing things now too. You have yet to reach out and grab a toy, but you have shoved blankets in your fists and pulled them around your body. You were quite upset when you pushed your own Wubbanub giraffe pacifier on top of your own face and then couldn’t do anything about the stuffed-animal limbs covering your eyes. I laughed while rescuing you.

You and I can’t seem to figure out an arrangement yet that puts you on your belly without a screaming fit. Needless to say, tummy time rarely happens because I give in and let you wiggle on your back. Oh, dear. I’m feeling quite guilty about this now. Any suggestions from other mommies would be greatly appreciated, because you don’t even like when you lay on your belly on top of me. I think you find your world limited, which is apparently very frustrating to your ever-expanding awareness of the scenery around you.

While I’m asking for suggestions, I would also love to know how to convince you that a baby carrier is a good idea. You thrash and push and wail when I wrap you, strap you, or load you up in any manner other than just my two arms bouncing you. While I treasure our snuggles, a bit of freedom would be nice during the day 🙂 Oh, well.

I love you, sweet girl. You are wiggling and letting me know that you are about to wake up STARVING, so I will end this letter. Still, know that mama loves everything about you! You are perfect.

And, there you go… fussing just in case I didn’t notice that you are beyond hungry. A girl after my own heart 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dear Abby {12.5 Week Update}

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  1. I just found your blog and you have no Idea how much I needed to read some of the things you’ve posted. Seeing your strength and trust in God even when things were difficult has helped me in ways you cannot imagine. When I was losing hope this was exactly what I needed

    1. I can’t even tell you how glad I am that you were encouraged. It is amazing what God does with our stories. Anything specific I can pray for you today? Many blessings and hugs!

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