Dear Abby {2.5 Month Update}

Dear Abby,

You are now 10 weeks old and fast growing out of all of your newborn clothes. Occasionally, I squeeze you into an outfit just so that you have the chance to wear it, but for the most part you are filling out the 0-3 month clothes. Your rolls are so adorable, especially since you were born so tiny and delicate. You now weigh over 10 pounds and are in the 10th percentile for weight and height. Unbelievable. IMG_2392

What is even more unbelievable is how rapidly you are changing and developing. One day you hate the stroller and the next day you like to sit in it and watch the scenery while I jog. One day you need three to four feedings at night, and the next day you are graduating to two to three. IMG_2438

My favorite? You smile at me. Your whole face breaks into the most adorable grin when I kiss you or when you are nursing and enjoying yourself. Those smiles make everything else worth.

We are surviving colic and hours of nighttime screaming thanks to those little smiles and dimples.

We are surviving a “clingy” stage where you don’t want to be snuggled by anyone but your mama.

We are surviving your hatred of carriers, and I’ve just given into the fact that you aren’t happy unless you are being cuddled.

We don’t get much done these day.

This weekend, your Daddy and I drove to Grand Junction for a family wedding and braved a hike in Glenwood Canyon. You thankfully slept through most of it, and we enjoyed a bit of summertime. You were none too happy about being put back into your car seat, however. Your cries made us so sad!

But, for the most part, we are happy. You cry a lot at night, but we have moments of calm before that. You love being outside, and let me dress you up in your newborn tutu one last time before you outgrow it and take photos in the garden. You stared in wonder at the peonies. I stare in wonder at you. IMG_2466 - Version 2IMG_2479IMG_2470IMG_2471 - Version 2IMG_2493IMG_2497 - Version 2IMG_2507 - Version 2

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  1. I put a nb size onesie on my little chunky butt the other day because he hadn’t worn it, but he has definitely outgrown pretty much everything in that size lol. That last pic is my fav, such a beauty!!

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