Newborn Photos {Part II}

Abby turned two months old yesterday, and I promise that the 8-week-update is coming soon. However, somehow it doesn’t seem right to wrap my mind around the developments of two months before first posting the 4-week-old photos that I’ve hinted at in previous posts. Call me too rational, but that is how my mind works…oh, well.

Anyway, my best friend Rachael (who also took my pregnancy reveal and maternity photos) is sweetly taking photos of Abby as she progresses through these sleepy weeks of early babyhood. Since we both delivered baby girls within a week of each other, neither of us are up for photo shoots requiring any amount of great production. However, Rachael smiled when I told her that I couldn’t resist the pink tutu on Etsy and gladly gave up one of her afternoons to bring me coffee and try to catch some one-month-old images of Abigail. True to form, Abby immediately converted into a fussy, spit-up-prone baby who wanted to be doing just about anything else OTHER than posing. This girl sure has spunk! On that note, I have to admit that the “crying/angry” photos are probably my favorites, as they truly characterize Abby’s mood at the time. In the coming days, I’m hoping to dress Abby in the tutu one more time before she outgrows it and try to coax a smile out of her.

To see more of Rachael’s photography and portfolio, visit her website at abby_1mo_101abby_1mo_109abby_1mo_115 abby_1mo_114abby_1mo_112 abby_1mo_111 abby_1mo_110abby_1mo_123 abby_1mo_122 abby_1mo_121 abby_1mo_120 abby_1mo_119 abby_1mo_118 abby_1mo_117abby_1mo_131 abby_1mo_127 abby_1mo_126 abby_1mo_128

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