Newborn Photos {Part I}

My best friend Rachael (who also took my pregnancy reveal and maternity photos) is sweetly taking photos of Abby as she progresses through these sleepy weeks of early babyhood. Since we both delivered baby girls within a week of each other, neither of us are up for photo shoots requiring any amount of great production. However, Rachael is one of my “nursing” friends, and we have sipped coffee/tea together throughout the course of our pregnancies. I can’t thank her enough for her calming words, encouraging reminders, and midnight text messages when I am freaking out about one mommy question or another. She has endured my emotional ups and downs like only a true friend could, and now has patiently offered to capture photos of Abby during some of our afternoons together.

Abby was 12 days during this photo shoot, and having a very grumpy, fussy day. She refused to smile, show her dimples or pose on her own. Rather, she peed on Rachael’s bed, cried, and demanded to be held (hence I ended up in the photos). Henry, Rachael’s three-year-old, comforted Abby and told her in his sweet voice that, “It’s okay.” All the while, Henry was constantly checking up on his little sister Hazel. I can’t wait to watch these three (Abby, Henry, and Hazel) become friends in the coming years. To see more of Rachael’s photography and portfolio, visit her website at IMG_2074IMG_2076IMG_2077IMG_2080IMG_2081IMG_2082IMG_2083IMG_2085IMG_2086IMG_2087IMG_2088IMG_2090IMG_2092IMG_2101IMG_2103IMG_2104IMG_2105IMG_2108IMG_2111IMG_2112IMG_2114IMG_2115IMG_2123IMG_2120


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