Essential Oils for Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Care

Since I was a little girl, my mom pursued natural methods to treat common childhood ailments. She used a combination of essential oils from Young Living, nutrition, and prayer. Sometimes, medications were needed, but they were not the “go-to” remedy in most situations. IMG_1694

In recent years, I became a distributor for Young Living essential oils. As a distributor, I only need to purchase $50 a year, but I can buy products at wholesale cost (nearly a 30% reduction). Occasionally, friends purchase oils from me (through my online distributorship), but usually the oils are just for my personal use. I’ve treated running injuries (specifically knee pain), digestion issues, stress, and skin care issues with oils. In pregnancy, I’ve consulted the book “Gentle Babies” by Debra Raybern on a regular basis to best treat pregnancy symptoms such as constipation (I swear by the Comfortone product), exhaustion (Ningxia juice with wolfberries), and stretch marks (Gentle Baby essential oil is one of my favorites). As I prep for labor and delivery, I’ve compiled a list of oils and their purposes to give David and my doula. I don’t currently own all of these oils due to their cost, but I’m slowly working toward a larger collection. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing oils online or over the phone 🙂

~ Essential Oils for Birth ~

In the Weeks Leading Up to Labor:

  • Six weeks prior to delivery begin using ClaraDerm Spray daily on the perineum
  • Four weeks prior to delivery begin using Clary Sage (five drops) and Rose (two drops) with an ounce of carrier oil (almond, olive, vitamin E, etc.) daily. Also, can dilute Myrrh 1:10 and apply topically.
  • Three weeks before delivery mix Geranium (8 drops) and Lavender (five drops) with one ounce of carrier oil and rub on perineum three times a day. This may help to soften the cervix and thins the membrane to get ready for delivery. One week before delivery, add Fennel (five drops) to this mix to further prepare perineum.


  • Fill diffuser canister with water and fill base up to centerline. Add 15-20 drops of selected oil (based on mother’s preference/needs at the time) into base.
  • Lemon and/or Tangerine for a fresh, clean scent with high antimicrobial affects that cleans the air.
  • Peppermint for energy, headache, and nausea.
  • Lavender and/or Peace & Calming to help mom/baby relax and sleep.


  • To encourage dilation, massage Clary Sage around the anklebone or ingest one drop every 15 minutes until dilation begins.
  • To encourage labor, apply/inhale Jasmine (contained in Joy) as a perfume. Also, apply Fennel or Ylang Ylang on Vita Flex points on feet.
  • Spray ClaraDerm directly on perineum before birth, while pushing, and after delivery to aid stretching and healing
  • Rub Vitamin E oil premixed with Myrrh directly on perineum before birth to aid stretching and healing
  • Rub Joy directly on mom’s wrists, back of neck, and on/behind ears to boost emotions and encourage labor.
  • Massage all over with Sensation massage oil
  • Apply Valor or PanAway oil directly on back of the neck and base of the spine for pain; this is particularly helpful during transitional labor/pushing.
  • If high blood pressure becomes an issue, then apply one or two drops of Clary Sage on the heart area and inner wrist to lower and normalize. Inhale Lavender oil every five minutes until blood pressure normalizes.

After-Delivery (For Mom):

  • To help expel placenta and tone the uterus, mix Geranium (10 drops), Lavender (10 drops), and Jasmine (15 drops) and apply directly to abdomen
  • Spray ClaraDerm directly on perineum/vaginal area to aid in healing and prevent infection. Continue to use especially in case of episiotomy.
  • Spray LavaDerm on perineum/vaginal area to aid healing, especially in the case of episiotomy
  • Rub Gentle Baby oil directly on mother’s abdomen to help with stretch marks and healing of skin, as well as bonding with baby
  • Apply one to two drops of Joy oil on breasts (not nipples) before nursing to aid bonding with baby
  • To increase lactation, swallow two drops of Fennel oil in a teaspoon of honey every two hours. Follow with a glass of water. Inhale Joy.
  • Add Cypress (two drops) and Lavender (three drops) to ½ tsp. of salt and mix into bath water to create a Sitz bath to help perineum heal.
  • As a uterine tonic, apply one or two drops of each or all of the following oils topically over lower abdomen: Jasmine, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, and Cistus. Cistus is especially good to rebuild strength after caesarean sections weaken the uterus.

After-Delivery (For Baby):

  • Dilute selected oil 1:1 with baby/almond/coconut oil and massage all over body. Good oils for massage include Frankincense, Valor (only to bottom of feet and then wait 10 minutes before rubbing any other oils on baby), Joy, Peace & Calming, Lavender (excellent for calming baby and for baby acne), and Myrrh.
  • To care for the umbilical cord, dilute Myrrh 1:10 with oil and apply to the end of umbilical cord for better healing. Apply one to two drops per day of Frankincense directly on the umbilical cord until it falls off, generally in one week. Lavender, Frankincense and Myrrh can be used in equal parts with a salve on umbilical cord
  • If bleeding occurs at belly button, apply one to two drops of Geranium oil directly on umbilical cord and belly button. May be diluted
  • If constipated, dilute Peppermint or Di-Gize oil 1:1 and apply to abdomen and feet. Rub in circular, clockwise motions on abdomen. Fennel can also be applied neat to the center of the bottom of the feet or the heel area.
  • If cradle cap exists, dilute or use Lavender oil neat on affected skin
  • In case of jaundice, place one drop of Di-Gize diluted with two drops of almond/olive oil to the bottom of baby’s feet

After C-Section:

  • Apply one drop of Helichrysum to location to heal tissue and stop bleeding
  • Apply Lavender liberally to the location to prevent scaring and promote skin healing
  • Apply Cistus as a uterine tonic

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  1. I went to a fun clinic on these oils! I was 39 weeks pregnant at the time and the lady mentioned how Clary Sage can be used to induce labor. I jokingly asked to give it a try because I would have been happy to have Carson by that point. She was hesitant and said that it should be fine because I was so far along, but to be careful using it too early in a pregnancy. Since Abbey needs to stay in there for awhile longer, you may want to wait to use the Clary Sage to make sure you don’t start anything too soon. 🙂

  2. I have a questions about the clara derm spray and the perineum blend. Clara deem you use 6 weeks prior then 3 weeks prior to delivery start the blend. While using the blend 3 times a day do you continue to use claraderm as well? Thanks!

    1. Great question! ClaraDerm is a trademarked, pre-blended mix that comes in a spray bottle that is WONDERFUL for pre-labor and (most especially) post-labor. I added additional (stronger) oils including Clary Sage and made my own mix in addition to the ClaraDerm as I got closer to my due date. Some of the oils have been anecdotally known to help bring on labor, so only use Clary Sage and some of the others with permission of health practitioner. If you are interested in purchasing through Young Living, you can use my enroller/sponsor number 1075771 and make the purchase online. Message me or email me for more information 🙂 Hugs!

  3. When you say, “Four weeks prior to delivery begin using Clary Sage (five drops) and Rose (two drops) with an ounce of carrier oil (almond, olive, vitamin E, etc.) daily. Also, can dilute Myrrh 1:10 and apply topically.” How do you “use” them? To where are they applied?

    1. Hello! My go to oil blend is a signature oil blend from Young Living called Gentle Baby. I would combine that with Sacred Frankincense and Copaiba with Shea butter!

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