31 Weeks {And a hospital packing list}

The clock is ticking. Six more weeks at most. By this time on April 5, we should be holding Abby in our arms. Based on this week’s results, doctors have determined that they don’t feel that it is safe for Abby to remain in-utero a single day past 37 weeks, which falls on Friday, April 4. Considering we nearly delivered at 28 weeks, 37 weeks is a true miracle. We are still praying that we make it to induction on that day.

Last night, David and I laid in bed, exhausted, cuddling, imagining a baby on his chest in just a few short weeks. Almost unbelievable. 

Today, I packed my hospital bags. I have a list of items that still need to be purchased or  added at the last minute, but the majority of items are folded, rolled, packaged, and readied. My list came from a a compilation of friends’ advice, Pinterest, other friends’ blogs, and my Doula. That being the case, I’m going to pass on the love. Hopefully, my list can help others also packing hospital delivery bags and/or remind me in a couple of years what I need to pack for Baby #2. If nothing else, I can look back at this post in 7-8 weeks and laugh at how “prepared” I was. 🙂


Toiletries – make-up, hair products/supplies, extra-long Maxi pads, showering items, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. (still need to add dryer/curling iron, hair brush) IMG_1698

Snacks – Candy for David, tea (Sleepytime, Mother’s Milk, Black, and Green), electrolyte tablets, vitamins and fiber supplement (also bought laxative/stool softener just in case), trail mix, granola bars, oatmeal mix, peanut butter packets, Mama Chia packets, Goldfish, gum, apple sauce, and the list goes on…IMG_1692

Entertainment for Induction Process (could take hours) – Soduko book, Laptop, Nook, Flashlight, Sleep Mask (still need to add chargers, phone, delivery playlists, change for vending machines, Bible/journal, gifts for nurses (I’ve already purchased cookie mixes), pillow/sheets, ID/insurance card/HSA card) IMG_1696

Personal Care Items – nursing pads (including a pair of gel soothies), breast milk bag, Boba infant wrap, witch hazel pads, Young Living Sensation massage oil, nursing cover (still need to pack coconut oil (instead of Lanolin cream), maybe nursing pump, maybe calendula cream (suggested by Doula)) IMG_1686IMG_1688

Clothes (Packed more than normal as a C-section may be needed depending on how Abby handles birth) – nursing bra/camisoles, loose PJ pants/shorts, nursing gown and robe, bathing suit (tubs are available for pain management during labor), wrap sweaters (still need to pack leggings and tank tops, sleeping bra, and granny panties. LOL) IMG_1691IMG_1689

Birth Gown – a dear friend nearly brought me to tears when she gifted this lovely gown to me that can be worn instead of the dreadful hospital gowns, which bring back quite a few bad memories for me of infertility procedures. This gown has snaps on the shoulders for instant ability to nurse after delivery and specific features that allow for IVs, epidural access, etc. And, it is SOOOOO soft!IMG_1693

Baby items – clothes, two diapers, mittens to prevent scratching, socks (still need to add blankets, car seat, organic formula (just in case we need to supplement) and any items that I might want to include in photographs taken at the hospital)IMG_1697

Essential Oils – my next post will describe the Young Living essential oils that I am packing and their purposes (still need to pack diffuser, Ningxia juice packets, extra oils that I am financially able to purchase before she arrives) IMG_1694

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  1. That is an amazing list! Most of those things I would never have thought of. Thank you for posting your list and my fingers are crossed for you making it to 37 weeks! So proud of you!

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