Keep Doing What You’re Doing {I think she meant prayer}

This weekend I am planning a nice, long post about the accomplishment of reaching 30 weeks of pregnancy! Woohoo! But, as tomorrow is a long day of in-service meetings (and Valentine’s), a quick update is in order tonight.

Abigail is doing wonderfully!

Is she small? Yes. Is she still as happy as a clam? Absolutely.

The specialist gave her an 8 out of 8 for fetal health today. Truly, a miracle.

Even more of a miracle was the doppler reading. Her cord blood flow has IMPROVED since last week (keep in mind that these appointments are to keep track of the rate of blood-flow failure)! As of right now, her blood/oxygen/nutrient flow is considered “normal.”

Due to the complications of the past several weeks and the unknown stability of her blood flow, I will still have two appointments a week for the rest of my pregnancy. I am still restricted from cardio (my running came to an end at 28 weeks, as did P90X. LOL.). Weight gain is encouraged. Much more rest is recommended. Abigail is still classified as having “intrauterine growth restrictions.” She may still need to be delivered any of the upcoming weekends. However, today’s report read, “Recommended delivery at 37-38 weeks pending ultrasound results.” After believing we may have to deliver at 28 or 29 weeks, this is truly a miracle.

And, I’m only expecting greater things to come. 

One of next week’s appointments will include a growth ultrasound to measure her new weight, etc.. Honestly, I’m believing that she will blow my doctors’ expectations out of the water!

My midwife’s comment after seeing that I had gained three pounds in the past seven days: “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” Despite her skepticism that miracles are possible, I think she should have been saying: “Keep up the prayers! They are moving Heaven to act on Earth!”

Thank you all who are covering us in prayer and rejoicing with us.

5 thoughts on “Keep Doing What You’re Doing {I think she meant prayer}

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  1. I have thought about you a couple of times in the last few weeks. We must have almost the same due date, so I too am at 30 weeks. You must be feeling so happy and positive right now! I’m very happy she, and you, are doing so well!
    Also, you were running and doing P90X uptill 28 weeks?! You maniac!

  2. I was impressed by the running too! I can’t remember the last time I exercised…
    So thankful to hear that another week has gone by and things are looking great! Praising the Lord with you! I’ll keep praying… 🙂

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