At Least One More Week

“Ooos” and “Ahhhs” filled the room, as Abby yawned for the ultrasound screen and displayed her usual wiggly self – pug nose and all. While my eyes were drawn to the beauty and miracle of this child inside me, my mind and heart still felt the looming question: “Would we be having a baby this weekend?

Then, the doppler measured her heartbeat:  153 bpm.

Her cord: no better, but absolutely no worse!

The amniotic fluid: still plenty!

Abby gets to stay inside for at least one more week 🙂 As the specialist came into the room, she also instructed the tech to check for a couple of signs that the baby is “happy and not stressed,” including whether there was any lung “breathing” visible. Apparently, if a baby at this point of gestation has plenty of nutrients and extra energy, then the lungs will begin to “practice” for life outside of the womb. Abigail, declared an “overachiever” by the staff, immediately demonstrated lung inhales and exhales. Yay!

David later commented, “So she’s still as happy as a clam?!?! And, why do we assume that clams are happy…”

Anyway, one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world drove me to my appointment yesterday, and then we celebrated our good news over lovely cups of Huckleberry coffee.  David was anxiously getting updates during his classes, and the ultrasound tech made him a CD of new photos. IMG_1661

Even the specialist said that she felt the peace in the room. I explained that we were praying for a miracle. Nearly with tears in her eyes, the specialist hugged me and declared that she expected me to be pregnant for at least three more weeks. I still have to check every week (and soon twice a week), but this seems to be a miracle in the making.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We believe that will carry Abby to a full-term, natural delivery.

29 weeks tomorrow and counting…

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    1. Thank you so much! Sorry it has taken me months to get back with you. For some reason, my “Notifications of Comments” function experienced some problems. Your encouragement is much appreciated! Blessings!

  1. Yes! What great news! There are a few folks in Minnesota praying for Abby. Every morning you wake up with Abby still in your womb you can declare, “God just performed another miracle!” And when she is born, God will continue to have his hand on her and your family, no matter what the outcome.

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