On a Slightly Different Note {Week 27 in Honor of an Angel}

Yes, this Friday I am 27 weeks pregnant and officially in my third trimester. Yes, I feel Abby kick and roll and love life in stronger and more powerful ways as the days go by. Yes, our unexpected medical bills for November and December jumped to OVER $2,000 by the time it was all said and done. Yes, I struggled to cope with that expense.

But, this week I can’t write the normal update. This week my fingers ache to cry out for the loss of friends. The loss of life. The loss of an angel.

Kaylee McBeth, a beloved 19-year-old, died in her sleep this past Sunday night.

For me, she was a smiling reminder that God is always good. For my husband, she was his “favorite” student of his 4-year teaching period. For a fellow teacher, she was the baby girl with the pacemaker and the laugh that never left her lips. For so many friends and family members, she was God’s gift for the past 19 years.

Now, she dances with her Heavenly Father. She laughs with her earthly Dad, already with Jesus for the past six years.

Kaylee is experiencing true joy.

For the rest of us, our hearts grieve. Our eyes shed tears. She is the sob that hovers constantly in our hearts and on our lips this week.

In the moments following the news, David reached out toward my belly, murmuring, “I would be so happy if our Baby Girl was like Kaylee. She was so special.”

So, in honor of the sweet angel that is now with the Lord, I dedicate this 27-week update to my friends, fellow staff members, and the McBeth family members. Kaylee’s smile will always remind me that God is good. All the time.

David and I grieve with you and pray for you. There are no words.

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  1. What a beautiful post. I lost my precious daughter on the 18th of January 2013. For the one-year memory of Vic’s death a fellow blogger did a beautiful tribute to my child. It meant so much to me. I know that this post will mean a lot to Kaylee’s parents and loved ones. You are a kind person.


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