Medical Bills and Energy Limits {Week 26 Update}

The highs and lows of this week have been rather monumental…

On Thursday, I opened the first bill from the specialist’s office (consult and ultrasound after false positive spina bifida screening in November) and gulped at the $560 bill. Apparently, insurance only “adjusted” the over-$600 bill by about $95. Yikes! I know that I can expect at least one more of those bills for December 2013, as well as the adjusted bill from my midwife’s office due to the fact that my employer changed insurance providers. Normally, prenatal care is only billed when you actually deliver the baby, but not so this time. This time, Cigna will “cover” (Ha!) the first six months of my pregnancy, and then Anthem will cover the last three months. I can’t wait to receive that bill…Basically, I’ve come to terms with the fact that we are going to have to pay up to our $6,000 deductible for last year, and then reach our $4000-$5000 deductible for 2014. Thank you, infertility treatments and specialists.

If you haven’t gathered, those previous realizations would qualify as lows…

On a higher note, several friends (online and otherwise) shared exciting bits of news this week. Definitely a pick-me up after medical bills and emotional upheaval.

I won’t bog you down with the emotional roller coaster of this week since I have already blogged about it several times, but needless to say I would really appreciate a vacation (perhaps a solitary one) very soon. No one in my life should have to put up with me much longer. Too bad teaching doesn’t allow for a Bahamas visit this time of year.


Anyway, Abigail is now the size of a head of lettuce, weighing about 1.7 pounds and measuring about 14 inches long!  According to my phone’s pregnancy app, Abby may now move rhythmically in response to sounds/music (base mesmerizes her). Her brain is beginning a period of growth and over 50 percent of her energy will be used for this purpose. Her lungs are developing air sacks (alveoli) and the membrane that that allows for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen is now thin enough to let her take a breath by the end of the week. Even though her skin is loose and wrinkly at this point, it will fill with fat during the third trimester. Her eye are completely developed and the brain is able to register various stimuli such as sound and light. 

How far along? 26 weeks, 3 days (depending on which source you consult, this is my last week of the second trimester)

Total weight gain: 6-7 pounds

Maternity clothes? Yes. This week, my current maternity clothes began to feel too tight. I may be moving to the next side soon…

Stretch marks?  No

Sleep: Not sleeping well. I struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. The slightest noises and sounds (which there are plenty of in our house, since four of us total rent from my husband’s parents) wake me up, irritate me, and make me want to cry.

Best moments of the past week(s): (1) Watching David poke my belly button in and Abby then kick it back out. Hilarious! (2) Starting our birth class, and (3) Finding an amazing doula!

Miss Anything? Energy. I’ve hit a new limit to my physical and emotional resources this week. Although I got several slow runs in, walking feels like plenty of exercise.

Movement: Yes! Hiccups. Stretches. Kicks. Punches. My belly moves with her movement now. 

Food cravings:  Not really. Maybe fat-free Redi-Whip…swirled straight onto my finger and then in my mouth…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Exhaustion. I nearly threw up late Thursday night, as midnight was fast approaching and the lights/noises in our house in addition to my insomnia was keeping me awake.

Labor Signs:  No, thank you.

Symptoms: Bad acne (specifically on my face and chest). Exhaustion. Lack of motivation to exercise. I think she must be growing, because the muscles/skin protecting my lower rib cage is very sensitive and feels like it is nearly over-taxed.

Belly Button in or out?  In and out depending on Abby’s position and mood.

Looking forward to: Decorating our nursery (no start date determined), moving my own bedroom into the basement (no start date determined), and maternity photos with one of my best friends on March 2

Next appointment:  January 30 at the specialist’s office for my final Level II ultrasound to check baby’s growth and then February 2 for my first third-trimester prenatal appointment (moving to every two weeks after that). FYI…I passed my glucose test, and it’s a good thing. I think I would have thrown a hissy fit this week if someone had told me that I had to take that horrible test over again this week. IMG_1625

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