A perfect, turned-up nose {And other 22 weeks updates}

Lights turned off, Netflix droning on in the background, and David’s hand on my belly…Abby kicked and he felt it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. At 21 weeks, 3 days. Proving my midwife wrong, who informed us literally moments before we told her how strong Abby was kicking that David wouldn’t feel her until 25 weeks pregnant.


The timing could not have been anymore beautiful, as December 16 was also Sweet Pea’s due date. Our first precious baby. Already with Jesus.

This week I’m reveling in how my Savior makes all things beautiful in His time. He gives beauty for ashes. I can still vividly remember the agony of laying on the bathroom floor, as blood and cramps followed. Those of you still in the throes of infertility and dreams-yet-fulfilled, I know. I’ve been there. Curled up in their pain one too many times. Mira followed Sweet Pea to Heaven, and I nearly gave up.

Still, a promise lingered in the wind…

A whisper of hope ensconcing my heart…

Abigail Nichelle.

Father’s Delight. Victory. Made in God’s Image. This is her name. This was my Savior’s promise.

Today, at nearly 22 weeks, I stared at an ultrasound screen showing my squirming, perfect daughter with her tiny turn-up nose. Despite the seriousness of a Level II ultrasound at a specialist’s office, nothing could dampen my excitement to see her again. And, to top everything off, they couldn’t find a single thing wrong. They want to see me one more time in six weeks to check Abby’s growth before completely releasing me back to my midwife’s care. I won’t mind the excuse to see her again, especially as I will be in my third trimester by then 🙂 893074_632791190571_958527333_o

Abigail is now the size of a papaya and about 10-12 inches long from head to heel, weighing exactly 15 ounces (according to my ultrasound)! 43F077E7ECEF45EFA9DAD87D5EF84E14.ashx-2 My tech informed me that she is in the 22% percentile for growth, which didn’t surprise or worry them at all since I am smaller-framed. (Babies during this week generally weight between 12.7 and 20.8 ounces.) According to my theBump.com, Abby now has developed facial features and is developing regular sleep patterns. She sleeps 12-14 hours per day.

How far along? 21 weeks, 6 day

Total weight gain: 3-4 pounds (Meaning that 1 pound is Abby and 2-3 pounds are Thanksgiving Pie and Christmas cookies. LOL)

Maternity clothes? I live in leggings as much as possible when I’m not in pajamas. Maternity tank tops and sweaters are wonderful additions to my wardrobe. About 50% of what I wear is maternity now. (It might be more if it were not that maternity clothes are sooo expensive!) So far, Gap Maternity and Gap Baby are my favorite shopping destinations. It was actually rather easy to pack for our upcoming Christmas trips, since I don’t have that many options right now.

Stretch marks?  No

Sleep: Always wanting more 🙂

Best moments of the past week: (1) Watching David’s face as he felt Abby kick for the first time, and (2) Soaking in the beauty of the picture of her little body on the ultrasound screen. She was hiccuping during most of the ultrasound, which just made me laugh!

Miss Anything? Being able to jog without feeling like I immediately need to pee. Being able to jog without feeling like something heavy is pulling my abdominal muscles and skin up and down, up and down.

Movement: Yes! Especially late at night when I finally slow down. 

Food cravings:  Not really, unless Christmas cookies count as a craving. I’ve definitely been indulging more than usual 🙂 I did enjoy Chinese food two days in a row this week, and could order more tonight without any problem.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells. I could have sworn that foods were rotting in our kitchen all week.

Labor Signs:  No, thank you.

Symptoms: Uncomfortable stretching, as my belly grows bigger. Some cramps. Indigestion. Acne. Poor sleep. Crazy dreams, resembling wild hallucinations.

Belly Button in or out?  In, but it’s stretching.

Looking forward to:  Upcoming baby showers in Kentucky and Texas, hosted respectively by my mother-in-law and mama. Although I will only be 5.5-6 months pregnant, this Christmas break will be the only time I am able to travel until after Abby is born.

Next appointment:  January 16 at Avista Women’s Care for my normal check-up and then January 30 at the specialist’s office for my final Level II ultrasound to check baby’s growth. Technically, I will also go into the lab before January 16 for my glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes. I’m dreading that test, as I hate sweet drinks.

This may be the last bump photo for a while, as we will be traveling non-stop for the next two weeks. I arrive home from Texas the night before work begins again.IMG_1377

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