Let the Nesting Begin {And other 21 week updates}

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been fighting sickness this entire week. Sunday my throat was sore and sinus pressure was building in my head. I had to tell my kids that “Mrs. Hasz was sick” on Monday, so that I had an excuse to sit more while teaching. Somehow I struggled through Tuesday and Wednesday. Not fun.

Anyway, it was a perfect week for a quick get-away into the mountains with my husband. For weeks, we’ve been planning our 36-hour wedding anniversary celebration in Keystone. After stuffing myself with Mexican food once we arrived Wednesday evening, I then cuddled with David and promptly fell asleep for the next 10 hours (interrupted by several bathroom runs and very unhappy sinuses). Thursday I got a massage, while David skied. We did a bit of outlet mall shopping and then cooked dinner in our condo. By 10 a.m. on Friday, we had checked out and begun the beautiful drive back to Denver. Perhaps it was more relaxing than romantic, but it was just what I needed.

Time with my husband.

Time to begin reading our first labor and delivery book together (Yikes!).

Time to rub my belly and talk to Abby.

Time to eat organic espresso ice cream.

Time to just be.

Ah, it was lovely. My staff’s Christmas party and gingerbread-building competition completed the evening. We took third place. IMG_1356

Today, I’ve let the nesting urges run wild. I woke up and worked on my newest project – a crocheted baby blanket – while eating breakfast in bed and watching Netflix. Afterward, I spent time reading my Advent devotional and praying. IMG_1355

Since David was taking one of our roommates skiing today, I had the entire day to work on projects and dream up to-do lists that didn’t exist until my overeager organizing instincts created them. Anyway, I braved a Kenpo-X DVD workout from the P90-X workout series and modified some of the stretches, plyometrics, and intensity level to match my pregnant body’s needs. IMG_1359

After showering and eating a snack, the chores…and the nesting continued…more crocheting, balancing the budget, packing away miscellaneous kitchen items and decorations in boxes for storage, unpacking from the trip, organizing all the Christmas gifts that I’ve already purchased, long walk while talking on the phone with my mom…

Even now, I’m obsessed with how much the carpets need shampooing, the photos from the past 7-9 years need organizing, the mail needs filing, and the closets need a good cleaning. I doubt

I can only imagine what the next 15-20 weeks will be like, as these urges get stronger. Perhaps, I will actually find myself more motivated after teaching…


Anyway, Abigail is now the size of a pomegranate and about 10.5 inches long from head to heel, weighing about 12.7 ounces! According to my phone’s Pregnancy app, Abby now looks very much like she will look at birth, only smaller. She is busy sucking her thumb, yawning and kicking up a storm. Hair is growing and facial features are forming. The bone marrow is making blood cells by now, a job previously done only by the liver and spleen. Even her intestines are absorbing small amounts of sugar from the ingested amniotic fluid. Abby is now able to blink and her eyelashes and eyebrows are formed as well.

How far along? 20 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain: 2-3 pounds

Maternity clothes? I live in leggings as much as possible when I’m not in pajamas. Maternity tank tops and sweaters are wonderful additions to my wardrobe. About 50% of what I wear is maternity now. (It might be more if it were not that maternity clothes are sooo expensive!) So far, Gap Maternity and Gap Baby are my favorite shopping destinations.

Stretch marks?  No

Sleep: Not sleeping well at all. I toss and turn a lot. Being sick hasn’t helped the situation this week.

Best moments of the past week: (1) Spending time with David for our anniversary (actual date is December 29) and (2) my massage.

Miss Anything? Comfortable sleep.

Movement: I can now tell the difference between kicks/jabs and somersaults. She moves a lot in the evenings. David still hasn’t been able to feel her. 

Food cravings:  Not really. However, it is amazing how many foods sound good that never did in the past…Gummy Bears…Gingerbread houses… (I try to make healthier choices as much as possible. LOL.)

Anything making you queasy or sick: I found myself unable to watch our school dancers during the Christmas concert, as their spinning made me very nauseous throughout the entire evening. This takes motion sickness to an entirely new level!

Labor Signs:  No, thank you.

Symptoms: Uncomfortable stretching, as my belly grows bigger. Some cramps. Indigestion. Acne (I think I had an allergic reaction to an aloe vera lotion this week on top of my normal pregnancy skin complaints).

Belly Button in or out?  In.

Looking forward to:  Upcoming baby showers in Kentucky and Texas, hosted respectively by my mother-in-law and mama. Although I will only be 5.5-6 months pregnant, this Christmas break will be the only time I am able to travel until after Abby is born.

Next appointment:  December 17 at Avista Women’s Care for my normal check-up and then December 19 at the specialist’s office for a second Level II ultrasound to check baby’s growth, placenta placement, and heart. This will be my substitute “anatomy scan” that most women have between week 20 and 22 of pregnancy.

I was too tired to take a pregnancy bump photo this week (and didn’t think my pajamas were an appropriate outfit to post), so instead enjoy a pic of my make-shift Christmas tree. I carried the clippings home from a local nursery and have been enjoying the bit of evergreen cheer in my bathroom ever since. Due to all of our upcoming travels, I’m not doing much holiday decorating this year. However, these branches make me smile 🙂 IMG_1360

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