Somersaults of Gratitude

I have a daughter that likes to twirl and flip and somersault and kick and throw punches and bury her head deep inside my pelvis to avoid “making it easy” on ultrasound techs. I have a daughter with beautiful fingers and toes and ears. I have a daughter who is already living up to her name meaning “victory,” as she overcame this most recent obstacle thrown her way and simply decided to roll around a bit on the screen instead.

Most of all, tonight, I am deeply grateful for a daughter with a beautifully perfect spine, brain, and organs. I’m not taking those things for granted. No, not tonight.

I am also not taking for granted the hundreds of prayer warriors and friends who have huddled around our little family this weekend and prayed.

Thank you.

Abby will need one more special ultrasound in a month, but she is completely in the clear in regards to Spina Bifida.

God is so good.

Tonight, I am exhausted, but it is the exhaustion of a weary mother and it is also good. Thank you, Friends, for praying, rallying around us, and holding us up. Photos of Miss Abby will follow soon, but for now please know that this little Hasz family is doing somersaults of gratitude for our Heavenly Father’s miracle and for our awesome community.

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  1. Oh wow! This is such incredible news! I am so, so happy for you! What a wonderful God we serve!

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