A New Perspective on Today’s Prayer

The funny thing about the journey through infertility and other diseases like it is that they can bring the most unlikely people with opposite faiths from opposite sides of the world together. We share a common bond. A common pain. A common prayer. And, sometimes, a common joy.

Many of my best friends (and I do consider you all “friends”!) from my blogs do not share my belief in Jesus and have not shared my prayers for healing. Still, we are drawn together. We walk together. We cry together. We rejoice together.

This is real life. This is real relationship. And, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Well, today is our Level II ultrasound with the high-risk specialist. Today, I believe we will see the perfect miracle of our Abby formed in God’s image without anything marring her spine or organs.

In my devotions this morning reading another blog, I was overwhelmed by the reminder that in the history of the early church Christ’s body was broken on the cross, so that Abby’s wouldn’t have to be. So that mine wouldn’t have to be. This entire weekend I have thought about how much I wish this diagnosis was concerning me, not my daughter. This morning the Lord reminded me that it isn’t about either of us. His blood. His body. His sacrifice covers us both and makes us whole.

This is the message of the Gospel. The hope of the cross. And, even more so, this is beauty and power of the resurrection.

Sometimes, I wonder how brilliant scientific minds could believe something so ludicrous as a dead man rising. Then, a weekend like this occurs, and I’m reminded that even the most brilliant minds need hope in the darkest of places. Even the most brilliant minds don’t have an answer for Abby this morning besides “more testing.”

Only Christ’s love gives me peace. Praying for good news this afternoon.

Either way, I’m so excited to see my precious little girl today. She is so loved.

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