Seasons {Beauty around the corner}

The entrance of November seems to officially welcome Fall in my mind. Gone are the Halloween decorations and gone are most the clinging summer leaves. The trees bare themselves for what is to come, Thanksgiving themes are out on display, and my heart begins to ponder the year that is past and the year that is to come.

I think the seasons simply reflect the human heart. The various colors we wear. The decorations we festoon ourselves with. The anthems we proclaim through the actions of our lives.

The seasons also remind us that there is always something beautiful around the corner. Winter has a glorious way of proclaiming in frozen majesty that even ice and storm are part of the Maker’s plan. When we welcome Spring, new life just about shouts out its song of new hope and revival. Summer is a warming balm to the spirit still frostbitten. And, Fall. Fall is, well, maybe one of my favorite. Fall is…

Giving thanks. Even your average American thinks about gratitude and good.

Giving gifts. Homemade cookies. Gingerbread men. Spiced cider.

Giving love. Families gather. Friends toast to all things bright and beautiful. 

Giving away. Barriers come down. Tree leaves fall. Vulnerabilities exposed. 

Fall is just perfect. Or, at least, it could be if we would only let it.

Now that Abby is planning her Spring arrival, I find myself worrying constantly about finances and living situations, childcare and proper nutrition, and circumstances outside of my control. I miss some of the Fall beauty out my windows, as I somehow assume that maybe God’s provision is going to run out just because our family is growing. Ludicrous, right? Yes, but natural and all-consuming.

I can’t plan for this change of seasons. It is out of my control. 

I can’t somehow make the budget work with numbers that may or may not add up. I can’t assure myself that childcare will be a breeze or that I’ll be able to leave Abby every day for work. I can’t figure out the living situation or even where we’ll put a nursery. I can’t by sheer force of will make sure that Abby is perfectly whole and healthy. I can’t eat healthy enough or exercise enough or sleep enough or drink enough water to put my mind at ease.

No, I have to trust. And believe that the changing of seasons always brings something beautiful. God-planned and God-orchestrated.

I can rest.

We can rest.

Perhaps you too are overwhelmed by a season out of your control. Take this Thanksgiving challenge. Remind yourself daily that the same Creator that orchestrates the wonder of each season is orchestrating your life and the lives of loved ones. He’s got this. He always has. He always will.

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