10 and 11 Weeks {It’s been a busy one…or two}

Long teaching days followed by even longer teaching days. 

A wedding 10 hours away.

Carpooling 20 hours with six other adults in a Tahoe. 

Snow in Wyoming. 

Heat in Colorado.

A swelling waistline and a craving for my bed. IMG_1252

That just about sums up the past two weeks. I’ve not quite been updating my blog the way that I had hoped; however, the past two weeks have been rather magical.

…I heard Baby’s heartbeat for the first time. The resounding beat of her tiny heart filling the exam room as tears threatened to overflow. Truly. The. Most. Beautiful. Sound. I’ve. Ever. Heard.

…Out of the blue, I discovered that I actually have a bit of a baby bump. How did that happen?

…As of October 1, I was officially released from RE’s office and allowed to discontinue all hormonal supplementation medication. I’m a “normal” pregnant woman now. (Although I’m still a bit concerned about my lab work results. Stay posted.)

…Overall, I’ve fallen in love with my 7th graders this year and enjoy the long teaching days, despite the first trimester nausea. They are so sweet and amazing! IMG_1240

Anyway, on to the official update…


According to my phone’s Health & Parenting Pregnancy app, during week 10 the baby is now equipped with all of the internal organs, the heart being almost fully developed. The tail is gone, and the webbing between the fingers and toes has disappeared. The eyes are moving from the side of the head to the front. The ears are taking final shape and getting ready to hear the world. My baby is preparing to make some noise, with the diaphragm emerging this week. The baby is about the size of a date. During week 11, the baby is now the size of a fig or small lime, and is busy moving around inside my uterus. This week is the beginning of a three-week period when your baby will double in length and will go through a growth spurt. Tiny fingernails are beginning to form, and the placenta is taking over.  week11_size

How far along? 11 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: Back up to about pre-pregnancy weight, which is a 3-4 pound weight gain in the past couple of weeks

Maternity clothes? Not really, but I wish. By the time I’m done teaching, I’m ready for the comfort of pajamas. I bought one pair of pants at a consignment shop for $16 that will expand my work wardrobe a bit.

Stretch marks?  No

Sleep: Exhausted all of the time. I can sleep all night and then still feel like I need several more hours. Unfortunately, my alarm clock goes off at 5:30 a.m. whether I like it or not.

Best moments the past two weeks: (1) Meeting another Denver-area infertility blogger who is now nearly done with her second trimester. Amazing dinner date. (2) Hearing baby’s heartbeat. I think I’m beginning to accept that I’m actually pregnant. (3) Receiving a “barf” bucket from one of the husband’s on our road trip, complete with my name and the message “Do not microwave or reheat.” Thankfully, I didn’t need it.

Miss Anything? Energy. Appreciation for healthy foods. Coffee. (Though I’ve been able to stomach a few veggies and a few cups of coffee this week, so perhaps things are turning around.)

Movement:  No…though sometimes the gas and cramps

Food cravings:  Not really craving much; however, I have discovered that lime Jell-O is amazing with diced fruit. Oh, and in love with baked potatoes. During this weekend’s shopping trip, I all of the sudden realized that I could not live without strawberry cream cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Most meat/fish. Anything fried/greasy. Most sweets (sadly, including dark chocolate). More than about 1/2 a cup of coffee. Anything that I’ve eaten too much of lately.

Labor Signs:  No, thank you.

Symptoms:  Decreased nausea. Extreme exhaustion. Decreased dizziness. Strong food aversions. Lack of motivation.

Belly Button in or out?  In.

Looking forward to:  Wearing pregnancy winter clothes. Oh, and I’m fantasizing about getting a massage, which doesn’t quite fit into the budget right now.

Next appointment:  October 21 with a wonderful midwife at Avista Women’s Care. IMG_1249IMG_1263If you missed other pregnancy updates…

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