A Prayer for My Child {During a hard week}

The Gospels tell the story of the house founded upon the Rock that when the winds blew and the storms came and beat upon that house, it stood firm. It was built on the Unshakeable Foundation.

There are so many moments, days, months, and seasons that I am grateful for that Foundation. Without it, where would any of us be?

Without it, this week could have been one of those that does some shaking. Some loosening. Some weakening. 

To protect the privacy of those involved, I won’t go into detail, but there are friends that I love dearly that are fighting Hell right now. Fighting and tiring. My arms are heavy with what they can’t even begin to hold.

In these moments…these early morning moments when nothing disturbs the stillness but my talkative cat and the microwave’s beeping…

I pray. I pray as mothers who I know are praying right now for their children. I pray for other people’s children, and then I lift up my own. It is weeks like these that remind me what the years ahead may hold for my mama’s heart and my baby’s future days.


Father God,

I pray for this babe inside of me – this babe growing big and strong. I pray that You would be a shelter of defense ’round about her all the days of her life. I pray that You would go before her and behind her and dwell within her. I pray that You would keep her from the snares of the Evil One. I pray that this child would be anointed from birth and sensitive to Your love before he/she can even talk. I pray that You would sing songs of love and salvation over my baby even now…even in these early days…even as this child is cocooned in my growing body. 

Teach me to mother. Teach me to love like You. Teach me to lose myself in Your Presence to the point that I draw all those that I meet – most especially my children – to You. 

Today, use my arms to embrace those who grieve. Use my words to give hope to those losing all reason to live. Use my life to bring Your joy and delight to this place.

I am most grateful for Your Foundation. Anchor me there. Anchor me with hope and by hope to the Rock that is unmovable. 

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