Visions of Castles

I’m sipping warm lemon-ginger-honey water and giving thanks for the box of Cheerios David picked up for me yesterday. I’m sipping and I’m picturing.

My belly big and round. The lusty cry of a newborn. The years of parenting. The dreams. The hurts. The fears. 

Sometime this weekend, my 9-week pregnancy update will be written and published, but no one wants a photo of what I look like at my kitchen table at 6 a.m.

What do we want? Really want this morning, this last day before a weekend rolls in welcome and soon?

The depths of God.

Not the depths of me.

Not the depths of what this week has been.

But, the depths of love and endless grace that is our Savior.

This morning I was immersed in the truth of one of Ann Voskamp’s most recent blog posts. To read the full version, click here. Otherwise, read along with me, and let some of her words become God-words, fresh words, words of reminder, words of depth.

“It was after all that decade of crashing waves that she stood on the shore…and they dug castles. She had known visions of castles. What she hadn’t known is that things come true in the most unlikely ways.

Sometimes the crashing waves don’t wash you away, but wash you alive.”

Have you been washed alive recently? Have you stood on the shore, considering the crashing waves…the decades of crashing waves…and decided to build a castle? Decided to build a place of rejoicing in the midst of what has been sorrow? Decided to build a place of remembrance on the sand that has been cleansed by suffering and restored by grace? Read on…

“And it made her hurt and it made her smile: It’s all the things already behind a woman that bring her beauty to the front.”

This is true for both men and women. What we’ve endured is what brings God’s goodness to the forefront. Each year I hear nearly a hundred new stories of students’ home lives, students’ fears, students’ parental situations, students’ health problems…and I want to gather them to my heart and heal them. And, then I remember…these sweet ones are only 13 years old. Only 13 years of waves have washed over their shores. What about us? What about the parents? What has crashed down and down and down and nearly been too much? When do we decide to let God wipe away those tears and bring His beauty to our appearances? Read on one more time…

“And she could stand there after the waves and before the waves and she could feel it –

She wasn’t afraid of swimming in the deep end, way out of her comfort zone. 

When you can’t touch bottom, you touch the depths of God.”

These are the words that sound like promises of hope. Promises of more than just a weekend around the corner, but a lifetime of drowning in the depths of God.

Have a blessed day, Friends.

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