Sweet Baby Hasz {Arriving April 2014}

Sometimes there is news so intimate, so delicate, so precious that no words express what has become a taste of the miraculous.

A baby. Seven wonderful weeks oldHasz_Finals_Color_109Hasz_Finals_BW_101 Hasz_Finals_Color_103Hasz_Finals_Color_104Hasz_Finals_BW_105Hasz_Finals_Color_113Hasz_Finals_Color_116Hasz_Finals_Color_117Hasz_Finals_BW_138Hasz_Finals_Color_125Hasz_Finals_Color_126Hasz_Finals_Color_132Hasz_Finals_Color_134Hasz_Finals_BW_140 Hasz_Finals_BW_141Hasz_Finals_BW_143Hasz_Finals_Color_144

All photos were taken by my dear friend Rachael McPhee. Please visit her lovely website www.rachaelhopephotography.com.

David is listening to “Arms Wide Open” by Creed, while I’m listening to “Capri” by Colbie Caillat. We welcome you to click on each link and listen with us. Cry with us. Pray with us. Rejoice with us.

We are going to have a baby!

Oh, and for those of you curious, today’s ultrasound revealed a beautiful hearbeat of 124 bpm. Perfect! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Hasz {Arriving April 2014}

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  1. I’m so very happy for you!! And I know that you’ve experienced heartbreak in the past, but you never once lost faith that one day the Lord would bless you with a miracle!! Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to see Little Baby Hasz!!!!! 🙂

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