I think this blog will be undergoing a remodel soon. I’m not sure exactly to what extent, but I don’t feel like it quite reflects who I am and who I am becoming anymore. Perhaps that is why I’ve struggled to regularly update it this summer. Perhaps not. But, I’m going with it…

My heart has changed. Is changing.  

I’m learning to rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve despite my own circumstances. 

I’m learning to smile despite huge unknowns. 

I’m learning to trust in the midst of grief. 

I’m learning to live. 

Really LIVE. 

Life is beautiful. If I would just stop and notice.

Other things have changed too.

I’ve found new obsessions with chocolate almond milk, chia seeds, and avocados (not eaten together). 

One of my newest hobbies is homemade granola making (the latest cherry almond batch was a huge success and is almost gone).

I like leggings and flats, but detest the uncomfortable restrictions of most professional-looking clothes.

I wear my hair wet and in a bun quite a bit more these days, and I’m okay with that.

“Gone, Gone, Gone” by Philips Philips is probably one of the best songs to find itself played on the radio in recent months. 


I think…I’ve grown up. When your baby sister is in a serious relationship and talking about engagement, you know that something is shifting. We are all nudged into adulthood by events that change our hearts.

Somethings haven’t changed.

A good cup of coffee can still be rivaled by very few things. 

I fall more and more in love with my husband every day. 

Finances cause me great stress. Period. 

I’m the crazy teacher who year after year gets excited about teaching middle schoolers. 

So, in light of my new passion for avocados and maturing life ponderings, the theme, background, and catchphrase for this blog may be under construction for a bit. Bear with me. We all need our space that reflects who we are and who we want to be.

I’m startled by my new reflection. Not upset or disappointed, but surprised. 

Perhaps you’ve been in this place and have some words of advice. What “space” in your life reflects your heart? What can you point others to and say: “There. That is me. That is my mark.”?

This remodel has me pondering.

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