Father God,

Sometimes…many times…my list of prayers for friends and family is overwhelming in its length and breadth. Still, You know. You hear. You answer before the request is even made. You make intercession for us.

And, I am so grateful. So humbled. So ashamed of my own weakness and selfishness. So consumed by my own pain that I do not always love Your children well.

This morning, I pray for those with hurting hearts and broken relationships. Please bring wholeness to cracked emotions and cast aside dreams. Please give life to old and new relationships.

I pray also for the incredible mothers in my life – young and old. Please give them wisdom and peace. May they laugh today and taste your joy.

I pray for jobs for those without. I pray for physical healing and relief for those who are sick. I pray for salvation for those hungry for You.

I thank You for the sweet community that You have blessed me with. May I never take those people for granted, nor stop giving thanks for the gift that their friendships are.

I love You, Lord.


4 thoughts on “Prayers

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    1. Thanks. I am trying to stay focused on other people – not just my own prayers – during IVF and TTC process. Sometimes I’m so ashamed by how consumed I have become with my own body and dreams.

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your faith is inspiring!
    TTC is always consuming. It’s a struggle to maintain balance. But most of life is. 🙂

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