Becoming a constant conversation {Day 2 Down}

Amidst the hustle and the bustle of teaching and maintaining a life outside of the classroom, my days have not quite incorporated the level of spiritual devotion that I might wish. However, I can say that an ongoing conversation with the Lord has been undertaken.

As I crave coffee…

As my head swims and body aches with exhaustion…

As I turn away from those M&Ms…

As I wake up just a few minutes earlier so as to grab a few moments of quiet with my Maker…

I speak the words. “Lord, I worship You.” I beg. “Strengthen me now.” I tune my heart to hear the needs of those around me and lift them up before the Heavenly throne room.

A friend who reveals she is 10 weeks pregnant and nervous…

A past student on mission in Costa Rica…

A friend beginning a new job…

As the days past, I pray my heart becomes ever more sensitive to the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit, the reminders to seek Him, the reminders to bless others. The reminder to be poured out. A living sacrifice. Me. Us. Sacrificing our desires on the altar of self-discipline and surrender.

It’s a sweet aroma.

My daily devotions have had me focusing on repentance and confession of idols. I admit. My desire to conceive often trumps my focus on Christ’s calling on my life. I repented this morning, as I will most likely continue to do as this particular, personal journey drags on. I look forward to what tomorrow will bring, to what supernatural strength will be mine as I lean on the Lord and allow Him to purify my life.


Tonight brought some creativity in the kitchen, as I followed vegan Chef Emily Malone’s recipe for “Spaghetti Squash & Mushroom Cream Sauce.” Delicious. IMG_0169

I added some spices, including fresh basil, garlic and shallots to the sauce. I also omitted the non-dairy creamer and replaced the liquid with extra almond milk (though I did find that I needed to double the recommended amount of cornstarch). For those craving a “creamy” filling dish, this one is perfect. And I have leftovers 🙂 IMG_0168

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