We called it “green soup”

As a little girl, there was a soup my Mama made that my sisters and myself all grudgingly liked, but dreaded having to explain to friends. No, it didn’t have any horrid ingredients, nor did an unpleasant fragrance waft from its pot. But, but…

It was green.

Green as grass. Green as the Crayola crayons scattered throughout the house. Green as Muriel’s fishy mermaid tail.

This afternoon, as I chopped and stirred, I smiled at the familiar fragrance, the familiar color, the familiar taste of our “green soup.” The version that I share here on this blog is quite modified from my mother’s original soup (omitting chicken broth, milk, eggs, and butter, while adding kale to the base of spinach) in order to make it more appropriate for the next three week’s Daniel Fast. I share the recipe, as I know that several friends and many others are currently engaged in a similar fast and will perhaps find the soup a yummy meal option in the coming days.

First, saute a chopped, yellow onion in olive oil. IMG_0158

Then, pour 8 cups of vegetable broth, one chopped sweet potato and one cup of uncooked brown rice into the pot. Cover and simmer 50 minutes.IMG_0161IMG_0162

While the rice and potato is cooking, chop one and half bunches of kale (the equivalent of about 4-5 chopped cups), carefully removing the stems. Add to the pot and let simmer with the rice and potato.

After the 50 minutes are up, add a large, 10 oz package of spinach to the pot and simmer for another 8-10 minutes. IMG_0163IMG_0165

With a hand blender (or in a food blender), puree the contents of the pot. Slowly add one and a half cups of unsweetened vanilla or regular almond milk. (I was nervous about using vanilla-flavored milk, but it was all I had on hand. However, I think it helped cut the bitterness of the kale and worked very well.) Add salt and lemon juice (at least 1/4 cup) to taste. Enjoy! Did I mention that it was green? 🙂 (To read more about the Daniel Fast see my previous posts Rethinking the Way We Live and Bakin’ Me Some Oatmeal)

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